Wataa Slots

Wataa is one of the shortest slot titles we have come across – and we’ve read plenty of them. However, it hasn’t given us many clues to the theme here, and when we found out what the game revolved around, we were none the wiser!

We present you with our in-depth slot review here though, so you can see if you would like to try some spins of the reels.

Who created this slot game?

This is always important to ask, as it can lend some clues to how everything might work. For instance, this game comes from the Wager Gaming collection. You might also have seen the letters WGS around.

Demo access is granted once again

Wager Gaming regularly gives players the opportunity to try their games, and we are glad they do. They’ve done so again here as well.

Would you guess at a martial arts theme?

You might do if the word wataa means anything to you! That is the theme here though, so once you know that you can guess some of the imagery you might see in the game as well.

What about the design?

You’ll soon realize that Wataa is one of the older games the developer can offer. As such, it has the older look you might recognize from many of their dated titles. For example, you could see the silvery look of the control panel and the more basic symbols in action.

Let’s play the Wataa slot game

We have the usual 5 x 3 format in action for this one. Moreover, we may not get a progressive jackpot, but we do get two wild symbols to look for. They’re both characters, with Charlie as the first, appearing on reels two and four and substituting for other symbols. Trevor acts as the second wild, landing only on the middle reel but bringing a 2x multiplier to any prize he helps you get.

The game also offers a scatter, and this looks like a burger. Yes, a burger, so you can see this slot is capable of taking a few odd turns!

How many paylines does Wataa have?

You get 25 lines to bet on here, so there’s a decent quantity.

Does Wager Gaming offer a standard coin collection to use?

Yes, you may know there are familiar coin ranges in many of their games. In this case, we have coins going from one cent to $10 to place on each of the lines.

Don’t miss the Wataa paytable

This isn’t a standard slot, despite its age. It has a few fascinating features in it, so we suggest you read more about those in the paytable before continuing.

Is there a bonus feature to find?

No, but don’t worry because the next feature is quite interesting to learn more about…

Free spins courtesy of that burger

You do need three of them to land to get 15 spins, but before you play them, you need to choose either Trevor or Charlie to help you. You’ll remember these are the wild symbols, so this is how they work.

Trevor adds more wilds to the middle reels. If you score a prize with one or more wilds in it, you’ll get a random multiplier. This could be 5x, 8x, or a massive 10x the usual amount.

Charlie adds free games rather than wilds, so whenever he appears, he’ll grant you another one, two, or three spins to your remaining total of free games.

RTP details don’t appear here

It’s not unusual to load a Wager Gaming slot and to find there are no return to player details anywhere. That’s true of this one as well.

Our rating for the Wataa slot game

We still can’t figure out that title, but the game is surprisingly good, especially when you think about its age. It’s certainly worth 7/10, and it would be more if it looked more modern, for sure.

Watch for those prize multipliers

If you choose Trevor’s version of the free spins, you’ll see that wild prizes are worth more if you get one of those multipliers. So, we suspect the best potential lies within that round.

Play some demo spins to see what you think of Wataa

There’s lots to enjoy in this game, with the basic graphics doing little to take away from the action and various icons and features. See what you think of it before deciding on a real wager.

Will you play Wataa for real?

You can decide the answer to that once you’ve managed to check out the practice game.

Mobile action is unlikely in this case

If you’re keen to try the game, you’ll need to do so on the computer, as it’s too early a slot to be compatible with mobile devices.