Bulls and Bears Slots

Are you one of those people who follow the stock markets for the fun of it? Not just because you want to know where your personal portfolio stands on a daily basis, but because you actually love following the markets? For the past few years most everything seems to be down, down, down, and sometimes it seems like the best investment opportunity may be a few bucks on a slot game. If this is you, you need to try RealTime Gaming’s (RTG) latest slot game: Bulls and Bears !

Wall Street Style

The look of Bulls and Bears is all old Wall Street. The days of bell-jar housed tickers and cigar chomping investment pros are brought back in high style along with stacks of cash and gold bullion and bull and bear markets. The animations are frequent on this game, and the bull and bear symbols pop right out of the frame when they are in action! This game has all the look and finish that you expect from the top RTG slots with plenty of action to keep you interested. This is not a Wall Street of criminal bankers, but a more idealized version where fortunes are made and dreams are realized.

Playing the Markets

Buying low and selling high is what it is all about on Wall Street, but Bulls and Bears slots is a lot more fun than that! This game features five reels and 25 paylines and an ironclad guarantee that you will get the bonus feature in short order.

The wildcards on Bulls and Bears are, predictably, the bull and the bear. Players will love it when these two come up because in a break from usual slot game rules, these serve as wild symbols not only in line wins but also in scatter combinations.

The normal scatter is the stock exchange chart – if two or more appear anywhere in the field of play, the scatter payout is awarded. If a wildcard shows up then all scatter payouts are doubled. If two come up, with four or five scatter symbols, all winnings are quadrupled!

Bonus Rounds on The Street

Bulls and Bears offers loads of free spins in addition to a great bonus round where players get to choose whether to buy or sell. This is a pretty basic pick-and-win style of bonus round, and the payouts are terrific. It is simple in play and in look, but quite fun with some great animations, and players will love it.

Spin the Reels Tonight

Bulls and Bears is a satisfyingly game that we found to be really energizing and engrossing. The minimum bet on all lines can be as little as 25¢ or as much as $125, making it good for a very wide range of players. The payouts are frequent and generous. So take some time away from the penny stocks tonight, and get the reels spinning on a real prime investment – play Bulls and Bears Slots now!