Salsa Slots

Salsa could mean dancing, or it could mean that lovely tomatoey concoction we love so much. The Salsa online slot game looks like it goes after the first theme, as there are some dancers and maracas landing on the reels. We find out more about the game here, to see whether you ought to sashay over to those reels to give them a spin…

Let’s reveal the developer first

This game comes from Wager Gaming, so you’ve got the chance to try another of their delightful slots here.

Demo access assured once more

If you know a little about Wager Gaming, you’ll know their slots usually offer a demo version – as this one certainly does.

What’s the theme?

Well, it revolves around Salsa, of course, as this short and sweet title suggests. We’ve already given that much away for sure.

This game has a simpler design

As an earlier title from the Wager Gaming collection, the Salsa slot game doesn’t score any major prizes on the design front. That said, it does give us several elements that bring out the theme. It’s all in 2D though, so don’t expect any 3D imagery to pop out at you.

How to play the Salsa slot game

This one has five reels, but it doesn’t have a progressive jackpot. It does offer some beans though. Hang on – beans? Oh, yes, you can find a red bean rocking up as the wild icon in this game. It carries with it a 2x multiplier for prizes it helps you find, too. The usual rule of wilds never replacing scatters comes into play once again here, with the scatter in this game looking like a green bean. So, don’t get your beans mixed up!

How many lines does the Salsa slot have?

This has a manageable set of 25 lines, so there are lots of chances for prizes per spin, while keeping the affordability level within reach too.

How many coins can you choose from?

Wager Gaming titles often carry coins going from a penny each up to a quarter. That’s the case here too, with just one coin playable on each of the available paylines.

Paytable details for the Salsa slot game

We always suggest checking out the paytable before spinning the reels of any game from any developer – this one included. Fortunately, Wager Gaming tends to lay out the rules clearly enough, and we can say that for this slot too.

What about a bonus round?

Yes, there is one, with three of those green beans needed to reach it. You must pick three identical symbols from the nine spots revealed on the screen. Three matching symbols will drop the prize for that symbol, so it is simple enough to understand and play.

Free spins don’t appear in this game though

They’ve gone for a picking round instead of free games, so bear that in mind if you prefer free spins, as this slot doesn’t offer them.

RTP for Salsa slots

This is unclear, although many of their games come in at around 95%. We cannot be certain that is the case with this one though.

Our rating: Do we love the Salsa slot game?

For an older slot, this one does give us some appeal. It’s simple enough to play, with a quarter enough to bet across all available paylines. We think it should have a score of 6.5 out of 10 in this case.

How many coins could you net in one go?

Research suggests the top prize is worth 5,000 coins, which you’d receive if you managed to find a red bean in every spot on a paid line.

Try it first if you get the chance

Casinos offering this slot game should also offer the demo version. Using this as a starting point, you’ll soon know whether you’d like to progress from there.

Try the real version of Salsa too if you wish

Keep track of your budget and choose a coin you know works with that. At 25 cents per spin at the lowest end of the scale, there are lots of ways to find some excellent prizes even on a cheap wager.

Is it playable on mobile?

It doesn’t appear so, given the game’s age. Still, you can make sure you have some playtime on a regular computer whenever you see Salsa ready to play.