Jonah Hammer Slots

That is what we are here to find out, as we explore every aspect of this online slot game. It is a more recent entry to the huge collection from the creative team who came up with it, and there are many elements worth checking out. Let’s review the Jonah Hammer slot now.

Who created this slot game?

It comes from the creative team at Wager Gaming.

Does this mean we have a demo to play?

Yes, they always develop games to include a practice option, and we have that again here.

Adopting a Wild West theme

This is a hugely popular theme, so we cannot imagine it will be your first rodeo playing a slot on this topic. However, it does have plenty of perks involved.

A charming 2D design

Wager Gaming isn’t known for 3D slot games, but this one has their familiar and impressive 2D design stamp on it. There are mountains and wooden buildings in the background to help set the scene, with plenty of relevant icons on the reels too.

Let’s play the Jonah Hammer slot

This is a five-reel game, as you might suppose, but it doesn’t include the chance to scoop a progressive jackpot. There is plenty more involved though. Jonah himself appears on a horse and acts as a wild symbol. You can also earn prizes if you find two or more wilds on a line you’ve bet money on.

The game also gives us two scatter symbols. One is a bag filled with cash and the other shows three characters. These are the Santa Fe 3, and we’ll tell you more about those later in our review.

How many lines can you bet on?

There are 10 available, which may be fewer than you expected, but still managea ble to cover.

Betting possibilities in Jonah Hammer slots

The game offers coins ranging from a penny to $5 each. You’re only able to play a single coin on each line.

Paytable positioning

You can access it underneath the main gaming area, and we do recommend you review it before you play.

Bonus potential in Jonah Hammer slots

The game offers two scatters, as we know. You must find the Santa Fe 3 scatter landing on the three odd reels to trigger this bonus. It’s called Bandit Hunt, and that’s because you must try and hunt down the three bandits. There are three rounds involved, with one bandit hiding in the location shown in each one.

There is another feature in the base game known as the Opti-Nudge element. To trigger this, you need to find a bison on the fourth reel. If this occurs, you can decide if you would like to nudge reel two, reel four, or both reels, up or down, according to their current position. It means you might generate a prize-winning combo where you would otherwise have missed out. And you don’t need to pay anything extra to use the nudge if you decide to do so.

Free spins from the second scatter

This is the cash bag, remember, so you must find three, four, or five of them to earn some spins. You’ll get five, 10, or 15 spins depending on how many bags show up in a base game spin.

RTP details don’t appear in the game

Some games list the percentage in the paytable, but we couldn’t find it anywhere in this slot game.

Our rating for the Jonah Hammer online slot

The game has way more to offer than first glance might suggest, and it is one of our favorites from Wager Gaming. We are giving it nine out of 10 for the bonus, free spins, Opti-Nudge feature, and overall gameplay.

Five wilds unlock the biggest prize

It’s hard to tell what you might get from the free spins or the bonus round, but we do know that the paytable reveals a top prize of 4,000 coins for finding five wilds on a paid line.

Play for practice first

It’s ideal to approach the game in demo mode to start with, so you can see how everything works and whether you’d like to try it for real.

Playing for real starts at one cent per line

With just 10 lines to cover, the cheapest bet works out to 10 cents, so it’s a reasonable one to try.

Play it on mobile devices as well

Yes, you can do this if the casino you join has a mobile site for you to play on.