i-Scream Slots

Ice cream… or I scream? You are going to find out when you settle down to play the i-Scream slot game. And there might be a few neat twists along the way. A couple of themes mixed into one, perhaps.

If this is a new title to you, relax. We've played it already and we are delighted to get the chance to reveal all to you here.

Who is the developer?

This is a winner worth checking out from Dragon Gaming.

Does it include a demo?

You betcha!

Can you figure out the theme?

If you were thinking of ice cream - maybe some haunted ice cream - you were thinking about the right things. There are some ice cream icons in this game, along with a freaky-looking jack o'lantern, so there is a creepy tone to this one as well. We love that title!

There is also a touch of Mexico here though - more accurately, the Mexican Day of the Dead. The skull with glowing eyes and steam coming out of its mouth next to the reels confirms this.

A wafer-thin design…

Well, not exactly, but the background is designed to look like an ice cream wafer, so that's cool to see. Various ice cream designs are provided too, and they all look like haunted characters. Look out for other shapes as the lower-valued symbols.

How to play i-Scream slots

Firstly, there are six reels here, each featuring five symbols. The game doesn't come with progressive jackpots, but it does have a wild. This is shaped like a pumpkin lit with a candle inside, carved into a jack o'lantern shape.

A swirly shape is used as the free spin icon, so we guess you can figure out what to expect when that appears in multiples on the reels. You should also know that the wild substitutes for everything except that free spin scatter.

What about paylines?

You don't need to worry about those in this game, as you've got the chance to go for cluster pays instead. Groups of nine or more symbols are needed if you're going to walk away from a spin with a prize.

Place those freaky bets…

You can play with coins worth between 0.01 and 0.50 in this game. Since we have cluster pays in action, you just need to multiply your chosen coin by 10x to get your total wager on each spin.

Paytable details

You should always check these out before you play, especially for the first time. It gives you the chance to work out the rules and to know what you are doing.

Bonus features in i-Scream

Firstly, there is the sticky win respin. This randomly occurs following a prize, so you never can tell whether you'll earn this or not. If it does happen, expect winning icons to stick and everything else to spin again at no charge to you. This could happen again if another matching symbol shows up to improve on your first prize.

You might also experience some spawning wilds. This occurs when random wilds are added to the reels. It cannot occur on a reel where one or more free spin icons appear, but other reels are fair game.

Free spins are a major feature here

The more free spin symbols you find the better the outcome. Three, four, five, or six would grant you nine, 10, 11, or 12 of those free spins. However, you must find one icon per reel to count, so if you got three on the same reel, you wouldn't trigger the games.

The same triggering quantities while inside the games would unlock one, two, three, or four more spins, respectively. Furthermore, as you go through the spins, you'll see lower-value icons gradually being removed from the game. That means the odds of receiving bigger prizes throughout the spins get better as you go.

RTP details for i-Scream slots

The game offers a return to player value of 95.54%, which is pretty appealing.

Our rating for the i-Scream slot

It made us hungry for ice cream - but is that any surprise? Other than that, we are positive this is a superb game and we're delighted to rank it as an 8/10 title.

What is the biggest prize worth?

If you can fill every spot on the reels with a wild symbol, you can net 10,000x your wager for that spin.

Play i-Scream just for entertainment

There is plenty of it available, so why not check it out today?

Play for real if you like the unusual mix of themes

And if you can afford the minimum wager, of course, which is very good in this game.

Play i-Scream on mobile too

Take this freaky theme with you on Android and iOS if you like, as there is plenty to enjoy as you do so.