Holiday Spirits Slots

And no, we're not referring to alcoholic drinks. We're talking about the Holiday Spirits online slot game, which offers some amazing elements mixed with a familiar theme. If you're thinking now about supernatural spirits, you may well be headed in the right direction…

Introducing the developer

The game comes from Play'n Go, so you're assured of an entertaining time here.

They've given us the chance to try it first too

And we'd suggest doing so to get a better feel for the game and its many features.

Have you worked out the theme?

We guess you have, as we've mentioned holidays already. This is based around Christmas, and the spirits mentioned come from the story of Scrooge.

Step inside Scrooge's front room

There is a fire roaring in the grate, but since there is a Christmas tree in the image as well, perhaps it doesn't belong to Scrooge. On the reels themselves, you'll see lots of snow globes, the spirits in the story, and stockings filled with gifts.

How to play Holiday Spirits

This is a three-reel game offering a 3 x 3 format. You won't see any progressive jackpot potential along the way.

Scrooge himself is the wild symbol and he has the power to replace everything else you might see on the reels.

Only five paylines in this game

We were never going to see lots of them as there are only three reels in play.

Play from just five cents a time

You'll see bet amounts at the bottom of the screen, so you can choose one of those

to play with. The smallest is five cents, and you can then go through other amounts to reach the maximum of $100.

Make time to read through the paytable

There are many features inside this game - way more than you might expect for a three-reel slot, so take care to read the paytable information across all the available pages.

Bonus features in Holiday Spirits slots

The game comes with Ebenezer's Clock above the reels. Watch this closely because it can reveal a random multiplier on any spin. If it does, it could be worth 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or even 10x if you get a prize on that spin.

There is another feature called Ebenezer's Gift, which is randomly triggered if the clock is in action in a base game or during any of the Win Spins we'll come to in a moment. If this feature occurs, your multiplier doubles in value.

Watch out for a Win Spin

This is just as exciting as it sounds. If you find two full stacks of the same symbol on two out of the three reels, and that spin doesn't give you a prize, you'll receive one Win Spin involving the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, or Future. And you can guess from the name that your spin guarantees a prize.

The Win Spin of Christmas Future unlocks if you get double stacks and the clock shows the 2x multiplier. The Win Spin of Christmas Present will appear if the stacks occur with the 3x, 4x, or 5x multiplier. So, you can guess the Win Spin of the Past occurs if the 10x multiplier lands with the double stacks in place. Each version plays out slightly differently, but you'll always receive a prize.

RTP details

The return to player value is reasonable in this one, climbing to an impressive 96.29% according to the official developer website.

Our rating for the Holiday Spirits slot game

We loved it - honestly, this is the best three-reel festive slot game we have seen. It's engaging and really brings the characters to life. It makes the most of the theme too. This is certainly going to get 10 out of 10 from us.

Discovering the winning potential

According to the paytable, you can net up to 1,600x your bet in this game. It's unclear whether that means overall or on a single prize, but it sounds appealing eit

her way.

Take a practice spin at the game first

It's the best way to see how all the available features work out, as they're so different from anything else you might have seen.

Will you try to play for real as well?

If so, look for the game at any good casino offering Play'n Go games, including this one.

Check out Holiday Spirits on mobile devices too

If you'd rather get away from your computer and check out the game on a tablet or smartphone, you can easily do so on Android or iOS as you wish.