IC Wins Slots

You don't need any introduction to the winning part of the title, but what about the IC bit of it? It doesn't seem to make a lot of sense unless you say it out loud… and when you do that, you might guess that we have a chilly theme in store in the IC Wins slot.

Who came up with this idea?

The game comes from Spin Logic, giving you an excellent pedigree to bolster your confidence going into this game.

Is there a way to practice the game first?

Yes, you can load the demo to see what you think of it, as it works the same as the paid version.

Is this theme as cold as it sounds?

In a word… yes, absolutely. The game offers an icy feel, just as the title suggests. It's not based around the Christmas period (well, it could be, but since it is set in the Stone Age, we guess they didn't celebrate back then).

A Stone Age design to suit

You'll meet a caveman along the way, together with a saber-tooth tiger and many other icons that fit into the overall theme. It all looks impressive for sure.

Are you ready to take IC Wins for a spin?

You don't get five reels in this game… there are six of them instead, and each one stands four symbols high. The game doesn't have any progressive prizes involved, but there are lots of other features to get to yet.

The fire is your wild symbol in this game, and you'll also see the logo for the game appearing over the reels. The logo is a scatter.

No paylines to contend with here

You've got way wins instead, and there's no need to do any calculations here - there are 4,096 ways to spot lots of prizes on the reels instead.

How much can you wager on the game?

With all those way wins in action, don't worry… there is no need to play 4,096 coins per spin. Instead, you just need 50 coins. The one-cent minimum gives you a half-dollar bet at least, and you can go higher to reach a maximum that is still pretty low at $5.

Make sure you don't miss the chance to read the paytable

The game has a paytable based on the single-page format, so you need to scroll to see everything on there. It doesn't take long to read, but it will give you the knowledge you should have before committing to any real spins.

How about looking for a bonus feature?

There is one, and you'll only ever see it happen on randomly chosen losing spins on the reels. If it does trigger, you're looking at the Guaranteed Re-spin Win. As you might guess, the reels spin through a cycle for free to see if you can win a prize. Don't worry if it doesn't happen though, as the guaranteed bit comes into play. The idea is that the reels only stop spinning when a prize lands.

The game also has some free spins

The scattered logo is the key to unlocking these. With three, four, or five logos appearing, you'd earn eight, 12, or 16 free games to play. Each of the free games has a multiplier chosen at random from several possibilities. You might simply get a base 1x multiplier, but there are other options up to a maximum of 7x. Anything won on that spin gets the multiplier displayed on the screen.

RTP information doesn't appear in the game

Spin Logic titles rarely give an accurate return to player percentage. However, we do know that many of their other games sit at around the 95% mark.

Did we like playing IC Wins slots?

Yes, it's an amusing game with an unusual theme - we can't recall many Stone Age slots anywhere, especially with snow involved. It's an antidote to the usual wintry slots you might see online and the respin and free spin features make it stand out further. We're rating it at 8.5 points from a maximum of 10.

Watch out for the biggest 7x multiplier

You can view all the prizes on the paytable, but you've got the best potential from free spins and the multipliers, so make sure you consider those possibilities when you play the game.

Play some demo spins to get a sense of how it plays

IC Wins is entertaining, but the only way to know if you like it is to play the practice version with the preloaded coins involved first.

Play the real version at all Spin Logic online casinos

Look for this brand and see what you think of the IC Wins addition to their collection.

Mobile gaming available too

IC Wins still has some big action on a smaller screen, so check it out on Android and iOS handsets if you're curious to see more.