1st and 10 Slots

You may have gotten the answer to this very early or not at all… it depends on what your favorite sport is or how much you know about the topic. We’re revealing all here though, and the 1st and 10 slot game – or First and Ten, as you might also see it – is ready for our complete review here.

Who came up with this All-American idea?

The name we should reveal here is Wager Gaming, so you’ve got some clear-cut action from this team to look forward to.

Don’t miss your chance to play the demo game

There’s a lot to discover in 1st and 10 slots, so make sure this is your first foray onto the reels of the game.

The theme is obvious when you know…

And if you know anything about American football, you’ve no doubt guessed how this slot is going to appear already. Even if you’re not a major fan of the sport, we suggest you still check it out to find out more.

A superb design helps create the mood

Setting the mood is important in every slot game. In this case, we have a football field along with lots of other little details that bring everything to life. The icons on the reels are cool too. We don’t want to give too much away here, but you won’t be disappointed with this one.

How to get underway with some spins on the 1st and 10 slot game

The typical five-by-three format is in action in this game, so that much is familiar even if you know nothing about the sport. The game also features some familiar symbols in various roles. Look for the player about to throw the ball to find the substitute symbol. Meanwhile, the coach is the scatter, and the wild is good for replacing everything but this.

However, this game sprinkles a few more scatter symbols into play. These are the cheerleader, a defensive line icon, and a linebacker. If you’re unfamiliar with the

sport, the paytable shows you what each one looks like.

How many paylines can you bet on?

There are only 10 lines in this one, although this does make it easier to bet on if you always like to cover them all.

Place your bets before you play

There is a one-cent minimum per line to play this game, with other coin values going up to the biggest of all, worth five dollars.

Don’t miss the playtable!

No, not a typo – they really have labeled it like this! It’s part of the control panel underneath the reels, so it’s ideal to check that out before you begin.

A cheerleading bonus round

Landing one of the cheerleaders on each of reels one, three, and five is enough to reach the feature. Choose from the available moves on the field and see what happens. Each move rewards you with a coin prize, so make your pick and see what comes next.

If you land three of the linebackers in the main game, or three defensive line symbols instead, i.e., not a mix of the two scatters, you’ll get a chance to play the Go For It bonus. The referee appears for this bonus, giving you an opportunity to see if you’d like to gamble your winnings. However, this could result in losing them, so be careful…

The coach could net you some free spins

Three or more of the scattered coach icons in a base game spin will bring you some free games. You get a 2x multiplier whenever you play them too, so there is a chance to scoop some bigger prizes here.

RTP is missing from the playtable

We looked through it a couple of times but we could not find confirmation of the RTP anywhere there.

What did we make of the First and Ten slot game?

This is an awesome game. We’re not fans of the sport but we found this one had so many features, it felt irresistible. Look out for it but be aware we’re giving this one 9/10.

Finding five wilds is your best bet for the top prize

Finding five of those on a paid line delivers 3,000x your line bet, so it’s cause for some wild celebration if you manage it!

Demo play makes the perfect way to begin

You can see there are lots of important symbols landing in this one. The demo version is the best way to become more familiar with them before committing to any real wagers.

Play 1st and 10 slots for real

If you like this one, whether for the theme or the multiple features, you can switch to real play at any casino you’ve joined that has it available to play.

Did you know the game is also there for you at mobile casinos?

Find any casino that welcomes players on tablets and smartphones and you’re likely to find the mobile version of this one from Wager Gaming too.