Play Lucky 7s with this 7-Reel Game

We’d all like to be lucky when it comes to playing online slot games. Some numbers are thought to be luckier than others. The number seven would certainly factor in this.

That’s why we are going to review the Lucky 7s game from WGS Technology. It’s been around for a while, but if you’ve yet to play it, check out our review before you give it a try .

What number of paylines and reels are used here?

As you might guess from the title, the number seven is relevant to this game. Part of the relevance comes from the fact it has seven reels in play. This is quite unusual and makes the game that bit more exciting to play.

There are also seven paylines in action, which might seem a small number but it is in keeping with the theme of the game.

What could you wager on the game?

There is a nice range of coins available here, from one cent all the way up to ten dollars. You can only play one coin on each payline, so it makes sense to have a large number of coin values to choose from.

What kinds of symbols are used in Lucky 7s?

The symbols range from discs with 7s on them to moneybags featuring a dollar symbol. The Lucky 7s logo can also be found on the reels.

One thing worth mentioning with this game is that you don’t have any special symbols. For example, there is no wild or scatter symbol here – you only get the symbols you see. However, each one is worth a different amount and in some cases you may only need to get three symbols on a line to win. The bigger prizes are triggered if you get seven symbols on a payline, and the Lucky 7s logo brings the biggest payout of all. This equates to 2,500 coins.

Can you expect to see a bonus round?

This is more like a big version of a single-payline, three-reel game, and as such there is no bonus round to be seen here.

Download and enjoy playing Lucky 7s today!

If you want a nice straightforward game to play, but you don’t want to have any complex rules or pay tables to look at, Lucky 7s could deliver what you want. With just seven cents to cover all the paylines, you could enjoy plenty of spins at this game – and hopefully win some nice prizes too.