Cash Hound Slots

The thought of playing an online slot game and cashing in with some great prizes is what we all dream of. Lots of games use the word 'cash' somewhere in the title, so it is no surprise to see this one pop up from Ainsworth. But will the Cash Hound slot game be one to add to your favorites list, or will it be one to forget? The hound is cute enough, appearing in cartoon form and holding a gold bone, so will this bode well for the rest of the game?

This game was only released on February 20th, so it is early days in terms of assessing its popularity. However, with a popular 5 x 3 format and 30 lines to wager bets on, it looks set to win a few fans. You will see the hound on the reels from time to time, and possibly stacked as well. There are pigs, hens, and other creatures here too, so watch out for those. And it would appear the hound has its own golden food bowl with a gold bone in it. Nice!

There are four progressive jackpots along the top of the game, and any one of these could pay out if you get lucky. Could that happen? We cannot say, but there are lots of other prizes here too. With bonus spins, and a golden hound that could be worth more than you think, you never know what the Cash Hound slot game will come up with next.