Lucky Lagoon Slots

How can you tell whether one lagoon is going to be luckier than another? We wondered about that when we saw the Lucky Lagoon slot game. We guess this might hold the most promise, since it is a slot that you can play for a chance of real prizes. Find out more about the game here.

Developer info for Lucky Lagoon

The game offers plenty of knowledge from an outfit known as Wager Gaming. No doubt you’ve heard of them before, albeit possibly under another name such as WGS.

You do get a demo

We always suggest playing a game just with some practice spins before trying the real version, and you can safely do that with this title as well.

A watery theme in action here

The game offers a water-based theme, so you can expect some relevant symbols to pop up on the reels. There isn’t much background to speak of though.

This game has a basic design

With no backdrop to worry about, the icons appear larger than ever on the screen. Everything is reasonably basic here, but it does count as an early game from the Wager Gaming team.

How to play the Lucky Lagoon slot game

This might be basic, but it still squeezes in five reels to spin. We can keep things short here by confirming the lack of a progressive jackpot, along with the lack of special icons such as a wild or a scatter.

A smaller payline quantity

While plenty of games with five reels offer lots of paylines, this one cannot be counted among them. Instead, it matches the reels by offering five lines as well.

Is it an expensive game to play?

No – you can play it from one cent on each line, so with just five lines available, you’re looking at five cents to cover them all. There are lots of other coins too though, ranging up to $10 a time.

The paytable gives you the prize amounts

These go from the smallest prizes up to the biggest of them all, which we’ll reveal shortly.

Bonus features don’t turn up in Lucky Lagoon

There are no bonuses involved here as the game doesn’t have special icons to unlock anything with.

So, no chance of some free spins either?

That’s right – expect this as a bigger version of the most basic three-reel slot, if that makes sense.

RTP details weren’t available

We searched for this information while writing our review but failed to come up with any clear details for this figure.

Did we like the Lucky Lagoon online slot game?

This is about as basic as things get with a five-reel game, but it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. As one of the first slots created by this team, it shows how far they’ve come. It’s ideal to play for nostalgia, and we think a 5/10 score is about right for this one.

Big potential for the best prize

Few are going to pick up this prize, but if you did manage to get the logo in place five times on the same line you bet money on, you’d get 10,000 coins for your efforts.

Demo game action gives you more to go on

Are you still undecided about playing this one? Make sure you load the practice one before you figure out what to do.

Play for real when you can find Lucky Lagoon

This doesn’t appear in anywhere near as many casinos as their newer games do. But if you find it, you could get the chance of some real play as a member of that si te.

Mobile access isn’t available for Lucky Lagoon

Its age means it is unlikely ever to appear in a mobile casino – not without an upgrade, anyway.