Winning Waves Slots

What kind of waves are we talking about in this game? This is one of the questions we have in mind as we go through this slot game review. Winning Waves is a cool title, but does it suggest waves on the ocean or something else entirely? Let’s see what we can find out as we go through our review.

Which developer created the game?

This game comes from WGS, or Wager Gaming if you prefer. They’ve been around in one form or another for several years now, and this is an older game from their collection.

Demo action available to start with

This is reassuring to know, and it applies to lots of WGS slots, too. Make sure you try this one in the demo mode before you consider whether you’d like to play for real.

Can you work out the theme?

The game offers a theme based around the waves, with palm trees, surfboards, and the sun all featuring along the way as well. The sun is the best icon to get, but we’ll come to that shortly.

Don’t expect the design to be overly complex

This is an earlier game, and it doesn’t aim too high when going for the graphics. It’s colorful and it does get your attention though, so be ready for that.

How to play Winning Waves

This is a three-reel game, with up to three symbols showing per reel. There isn’t a progressive here, although the game does offer a fixed jackpot that we’ll cover in a second.

There are no wilds or other important symbols here, only the sun, since this is the key to triggering the best prize of them all. There are no waves to look for either, despite the title.

Paylines in Winning Waves

There is only one line to bet on here.

How affordable is it to play Winning Waves?

The line needs one coin, but since your coin value can be as low as a penny, you can see there is plenty of potential here, even on a dollar budget. You can go up to $10 on the line as well.

The paytable display

The display is to the right of the reels, and since it is always there, you’ll never have any difficulty finding it.

No bonus here

They’ve stuck to a basic design and format.

Free spins aren’t included either

It’s just the basic game here in Winning Waves.

RTP information

This is uncertain, as we failed to find a confirmed figure for the return to player amount.

Our rating for the Winning Waves slot game

This is a solid little slot game, built a few years back and still performing well today. There is one element of it that makes it stand out, which we are about to reveal, but we can give this one 6.5 out of 10 points for sure.

How to score the jackpot

The sun is the key to the jackpot, but it isn’t as simple as getting three on the single payline. If you check the paytable, you’ll see there are five possible ways of getting three suns in view in a line, as there is a chance to see up to nine symbols in view when you spin the reels. If you manage to get three on the line numbered 5, you’ll get the top prize of 3,500 coins. The smallest prize occurs when three suns appear on the actual payline, giving you 600 coins by contrast.

Demo action is the ideal way to begin

Yes, you can certainly make sure you get the best start by finding your way to the demo game.

You’ll then know whether you’d like to play for real

If you would, you can do so from just a cent per play, which is just about as cheap as can be!

Is there a chance to play this one on a mobile device?

It doesn’t look likely as it is an older game, but we’ll update you if that changes and they overhaul it for mobile play.