Island Gold Slots

The chance of digging up some gold would be slim, we're sure, but when we noticed this slot game online, we had to find out more about it. So, sit tight and relax for our full review of the Island Gold slot game, to see whether it lives up to that intriguing title.

Who created the Island Gold slot game?

This is another slot from the team at WGS, which you may know as Wager Gaming.

This confirms you'll see a practice version too

Wager Gaming is a reliable game studio when creating slots with demo versions. This is the best way to learn more about any game, as you'll see.

What's the theme about?

It looks like a game based on looking for gold on an island, just as you'd think given the title. Is it a golden success though? Let's see what else it has in store for us.

Don't expect a modern design

This slot game has been around for several years now, so it doesn't hold much promise in terms of its design appeal. It must be one of the most basic slots in their collection.

How do you play Island Gold?

You play over five reels, with the usual three symbols per reel. While many slots offer the chance to spot wild and scatter symbols, this isn't one of them. It doesn't go for a progressive either.

How many lines do you bet on in Island Gold?

This game offers five lines to bet on.

Expect the usual range of coins for a Wager Gaming title

You may know the range in action goes between one cent and $10, and that is the case here too.

All the available icons appear in the paytable

While there are no special icons involved in Island Gold, you do still get a series of symbols relating to the theme. There is a game logo and a treasure chest, for instance.

Bonuses don't feature in Island Gold

They don't turn up at all in this one, sadly.

Don't look for any free spins either

While you could find them in other Wager Gaming titles, you can't expect to see any of them here.

Return to player percentage

This is usually abbreviated to RTP, but however we mention it, there is no value to share with you.

Our rating for the Island Gold slot

This is a basic five-reel game, so if that suits you and your budget, you might like it. It's old enough to have a retro feel, for sure. We still think we cannot score it higher than five out of 10 though.

Go for prizes worth up to 10,000 coins

You'd manage to scoop that prize with five logos on a paid line, so the potential is there in this department. Of course, this is also the hardest prize to get, so there's that too.

Demo action should reveal more

If you're unsure about the Island Gold slot, that's reasonable enough. It's the reason why we'd suggest trying the practice game first.

Real play is available wherever you see the Island Gold game

You'll never find just the demo at an online casino offering Wager Gaming titles. It means you can try the real thing if you like the demo enough to do so.

It won't appear at mobile casinos

The game is an older entry into the vast collection now available from this developer. It means the chances of spotting it at a mobile casino are next to zero.