Santa 7's Slots

Christmas comes just once a year for most people but anyone who wants it all year round just has to click on the colorful Santa 7's Slots game that allows the Christmas spirit to be enjoyed all year round. There are three reels and five paylines to this game that also includes a wonderful progressive jackpot. The jackpot increases with every real money bet that is placed and has to be won at some point. Players can try out this game or jump straight in with the real money bets.

Wild Elves with 2x and 3x Multipliers

Although there are only three reels to this game there are still plenty of exciting features in the game in addition to the progressive jackpot. The game includes two wild symbols, that are little elves. There is a 2x wild and a 3x wild. When they appear on the screen, the elf wilds automatically multiply the winnings for that payout according to which wild appears on the screen. If the player is lucky enough to land both wilds then he benefits from a 6x multiplier.

Three of a Kind Bonuses

Three of a kind of the same symbol activates the elf wars where players progress along the green elf tree and then move to the red elf tree. The progressive wins start with a single free spin, a jackpot spin, two free spins, a 10 x multiplier and then the player moves to the red elf tree where he can win three free spins, 100x multiplier, 25 free spins , more jackpot spins or 2500x the bet placed. The elf trees light up as they award their bonus payouts. The jackpot spins blacken out all the symbols apart from the jackpot symbol and it then spins giving the player chances to win the jackpot. This is a fabulous game with many great winning opportunities within its three reels.