Crown of Fire Slots

While there are lots of complex and innovative slot games to play online, it can sometimes be more appealing to try something else. We might have something along those lines here for you, in the shape of Crown of Fire. Just how fiery is this one, we wonder? It's time to stop wondering and find some answers, as we delve into its features for more details.

Which game studio created Crown of Fire?

This is another modern slot to come from the creative brains at Pragmatic Play.

Does this mean it comes with a practice version?

Yes, it does, which means you're able to experiment and find out what's what before you commit any real funds to playing it.

What's the theme about?

There isn't much of a theme here, other than a classic fruit machine style it's hard to miss. Think of it as a bigger and bolder version of a classic approach.

Design features to note in Crown of Fire slots

Design is not high on the list of elements featured in this game, as you'll see from the basic brick wall behind the reels. The symbols are a little better, with golden dollar signs and bells, along with some fruit featuring enough detail to make your mouth water. There is also a golden crown, although this isn't on fire, as the title might suggest.

Learn how to play the Crown of Fire slot game

This is a standard 5 x 3 game, so you'll find that familiar to start with. It doesn't have any jackpots showcased on the screen.

The crown is the wild, and it expands whenever it appears on the middle three reels. It doesn't appear on the two outermost reels. It replaces everything with two exceptions. The first of these is the scatter, which looks like a flaming diamond. This can appear on all available reels. The second symbol the wild doesn't replace is the special scatter, shaped like a golden dollar sign. This only appears on the three odd reels.

Available paylines in Crown of Fire

There are only 10 lines here, and the creators have fixed those in place.

What about betting options?

You can wager from a penny to a dollar on each of those lines, but this assumes you're only betting one coin on each line. As we have seen in other slots from this same studio, you can bet from one to 10 of your selected coins on each line as well.

Where is the paytable hiding?

You'll find the paytable logo on the far left of the panel underneath all the reels. This info button reveals the first of five pages to read through before you play.

Does this slot game have any bonus elements?

No, it is far simpler than many other slots from this developer.

How about some free spins?

With two scatters in action, you might think the game does have free spins to find. But no, according to the paytable, there are none to find anywhere.

Do we know what the RTP is?

Yes, Pragmatic Play confirms this to be 96.36%, which is once again above average.

Our rating for Crown of Fire

This is obviously a basic slot that doesn't pretend to be anything else. The best bit is having two scatters and an expanding wild, which elevate what would otherwise be a standard slot with a lower score to a solid 7/10.

Choose your bet before checking the prize values

This is a slot with an intuitive paytable. It means the prizes seen change according to the amount you're betting. The red seven pays out the most if you can get five on a line.

Make sure you take a practice spin on those reels first

This should help you work out whether the game is right for you. It's surely going to be too basic for some, but not for everyone.

Find a casino offering Pragmatic Play slots to play for real

At just 10 cents per spin, this is one of the more affordable slots to play in their collection. Will it have enough to offer, we wonder? Only you know the answer to that one.

You can even play Crown of Fire on mobile devices

Whether you are an Android or iOS fan, you can find this game available to play on those touchscreen devices.