Fruity 7's Slots

When you spot an online slot game with some version of the word fruit in the title, you know you’ve got the chance to play a classic. But is this a real classic, in that it has just three reels, or is there something else going on? We review Fruity 7s here, so you’ll soon get all the answers.

Do we know the developer?

We do – it’s Wager Gaming.

Have they given us a demo version?

Yes, you can try the Fruity 7s slot before you do anything else.

Does it boast a fruity theme?

Yes, this was always obvious, and you can see plenty of fruity symbols across the reels.

This slot game has a simple design

This one is about as basic as you can get, but there is nothing wrong in that. See if you like it enough to spin the reels for a bit.

How to play Fruity 7s

This is a three-reel game, as you might already have worked out. There are no progressive jackpots involved in this one.

There are no wilds or scatters either. However, the best symbol to find is the oval Fruity 7s logo. You can find one anywhere in view to earn a credit. It doesn’t even need to land on the payline.

Just one payline then?

Yes, this is a single-line slot.

Betting options for Fruity 7s

This slot game accepts bets from one cent apiece. You can bet up to five coins on the line too, with the largest coin reaching $10 in value.

No trouble to find the paytable

The paytable is the leftmost labeled button on the screen. This gives you a chance to click or tap on it to reveal the prizes on a different page.

No bonuses in this slot game

No – it’s about as basic as you can get and meets the classic framework nicely.

No free spins either in Fruity 7s

Not much else to add to that.

RTP value remains unknown

There is no information on this inside the game.

Our rating for Fruity 7s

This slot is another great one from Wager Gaming. The familiar look of the oval logo comes into play in other slots as well. It looks good here and is useful to find. It’s a solid six out of 10 game.

What is the most you could get in coin prizes?

If you land three logos on the payline, you’ll receive 1,000 coins for each coin you wagered. This means a five-coin bet would trigger the biggest prize of 5,000 coins.

Try it first to figure out whether you like it

Fruity 7s isn’t the type of slot you might want to play for a prolonged period. However, you could still appreciate taking it for a few spins, thanks to its affordable coin values.

Play for real wherever you see Wager Gaming slots

And there are a few casinos where you can find them.

Mobile accessibility

This could depend on which casino you visit and how good their mobile capabilities are. Look first or simply try the game inside the regular casino.