Bingo Bango Boom Slots

Looking for a fun new slot that has a big splash of color? Well then, look no further because there is one that matches that description perfectly. Bingo Bango Boom Slot is just what you are looking for. Bing Bango Slot is a 3 reel, 1 payline slot machine that is sure to be fun. Bing Bango Boom is a non-progressive classic slot. The maximum jackpot win is a whopping $5,000.This slot machine game had 9 winning combinations. Players will enjoy the flashy colors and the classic fruit symbols that go with this slot machine game. The betting range is the minimum of $0.1 and the maximum betting range is up to $10. There is 1 coin per line. Bingo Bango Slots is a unique clot machine game because it combines the best of slot machines and the best of bingo.

Bingo Bango Boon Graphics

The graphics of this game are quite flashy. The background screen is a bright yellow, with bright colors all around. There are little starts everywhere; each of these stars has a plethora of bright colors. Gamers would think that this is too much, but the colors actually match and does not distract from the game play one bit. The colors actually help make this slot machine game more enjoyable. The symbols are also quite peppy as well. In Bingo Bango Slot Machine they have the classic fruit theme for their symbols. The symbols featured include a juicy orange, a bright red cherry, a delicious-looking watermelon, a bright yellow lemon, the Bingo Bango Boom symbol, a bar sign, the classic number seven, and others as well. In this game, the symbols of the cherries, lemons, and the number seven increase a player's payout several times. If a player receives three of the Bingo Bango Boom Logos, their payout will increase by 500 times. This is a game that many people should play.

Play Bingo Bango Boom

Bingo Bango Slots offers a bonus game called Bingo Ball Number Trail. Players can activate this bonus game by collection eight bingo balls. The point of this fame is that players must advance on the trail based on the bingo balls they collect. During the bonus game, the bet can be increased by 3000 times. The graphics change during this game play. The screen is still yellow, but instead of the slots, it is replaced by a blue and white checkered board. Bingo Bango Slots also offers a Nudge feature. This feature allows players to shift a reel so they can get a winning combination. The Nudge feature is a random bonus during spinning, and players can have up to 15 bonus nudges in one spin. This is a fun game. Bingo Bango Boom Slots offers the best of two games. Players will enjoy the bright colors without it being a distraction to the actual game. It is an enjoyable game. The Classic Style is also recommended for players who want a simple yet enjoyable game. Go on and play this game today, it will be worth it because it is so much fun.