Northern Lights Slots

Have you been fortunate to get a chance to witness the famous Northern Lights? It might depend on where you live, and even if you’re well placed to see them, it can take ages to get lucky and spot them in action. You might see a glimpse of them dancing above the reels of this slot game though, so read more about it here.

Who came up with this idea?

This isn’t the only slot based around this theme, but this version of it comes from Wager Gaming.

You do have a practice option to choose first

We often suggest doing this if you can, as it gives you a chance to experience the game at no cost.

Does the theme revolve around the famous lights?

Yes, it does, although you’ll also see some creatures, including someone wrapped up in a warm coat, on the reels as you play. All the letters and numbers have a dusting of snow on them, too.

Expect the basic design suggesting an early game

The lights are in the sky above the reels, while icebergs sit in dark waters around them. Wager Gaming’s earlier titles had a familiar format in terms of the controls, and this game is another great example of this.

How to play the Northern Lights slot game

If you guessed this one might have five reels, well done… you’re spot on. One thing you won’t spot is a progressive jackpot.

If you love polar bears as much as we do, you’ll be glad to see it appear on the reels as the substitute symbol. The Northern Lights have been chosen to land as the scatter symbol, and this is the only thing the bear cannot substitute for.

How many lines does the slot have?

This game has 25 lines, so it does have a reasonable collection to bet on.

Can you try this one as a penny slot?

Yes, if you choose this coin, you’ll play a quarter across all the lines. The largest coin is worth $10, making the maximum bet way higher.

The paytable explains the prizes

You’ll see which symbols have the best outcomes, and how many of each you need to find for each prize.

Find the lights to unlock the bonus

Three or more scattered lights will take you to a bonus on another screen. There are lots of ice blocks in the water, and you must guide the waiting polar bear to a block of your choice. As the bear jumps, one of two things will happen. Hopefully, the bear will reveal a coin prize on that ice block. The alternative is that the ice breaks, which ends the round. With some good fortune, you’ll uncover several prizes before choosing the wrong block!

What about some free spins?

There are none available in this slot game.

RTP details for Northern Lights

We don’t have the information for this yet.

Is it worth hunting for the Northern Lights?

For the real thing, definitely… but the game is excellent too, especially for an early effort from Wager Gaming. We think the bonus elevates it, bringing in a worthwhile score of 7.5 out of 10 points.

How big is the top prize?

If you find five polar bears occupying all the spots on the same payline, you can expect to receive 6,000 coins. Aside from that, there are bigger potential multipliers available on the ice blocks in the bonus, so you may get more if things really do go your way.

Try it first without risk

The slot does have a practice version, so this means you can easily try it to find out what you think. We played like this until we reached the bonus, so we could see how it worked.

Are you going to play this game for real?

If so, you could soon bet a quarter or more on each spin to see what happens.

Play on a computer rather than a mobile device

Some of the earlier games from this developer are not yet available for mobile devices such as Android or iOS.