Progressive Diamond Jackpot Slots

Progressive Diamond Jackpot Slots

Play Progressive Diamond Jackpot slots and enjoy the excitement that comes from the numerous ways to win. This game has a progressive jackpot that grows substantially every time a player spins the reels. You could win hundreds of dollars instantly.

This is a classic slot game. The layout has a coin slot, the "Bet One" or "Bet Max" button, and a digital readout that keeps track of your bet, the number of credits you have remaining, and the amount you've won on your current spin. Bells ring when you win, and the reels chime as you spin, so you'll find the overall feel of this slot machine is pretty realistic to being in Vegas.

Prize Levels in Progressive Diamond Jackpot Slots

The value of your prize depends on your bet. With a one coin bet:

  • One cherry pays 2 coins
  • Two cherries pay 4 coins
  • Three bars pays 4 coins
  • Three cherries pays 10 coins
  • Three single bars pays 10 coins
  • Three double bars pays 25 coins
  • Three triple bars pays 50 coins
  • Three red 7's pays 250 coins
  • Three diamonds pays 1,000 coins

During the game, you select how many coins to wager on the one payline. If you choose two coins, the prize you'll win is doubled. If you choose three coins, it's tripled.

There is one exception with the three coin bet. If you land three diamonds across the reel on a three coin bet, you'll win the progressive jackpot.

Getting Started with Progressive Diamond Jackpot

There may be no bonus games with Progressive Diamond Jackpot, but it's still a great game for the slot enthusiast. To get started, select the number of coins you want to bet, set the coin value (2 cents to $1), and spin the reels. To save time, hitting "Max Bet" automatically wagers three coins on the payline.

Look into no deposit bonuses, welcome offers, and reload rewards before you play. This makes it easy to increase the amount of money in your casino account. Make sure you sign up to be in the VIP program too. You'll earn special offers that are only available for casino members, and each time you spin the reels, you'll accumulate points you can cash in for free chips on future games. You'll be able to play Progressive Diamond Jackpot slots, as well as other classic slot games, for longer and without risking too much of your own cash.