All About Making Money From Online Casinos Bonus Deals

Almost every online casino will treat both new and established players to a selection of bonuses. These might involve bonuses just for signing up or for making a deposit. There are numerous examples of bonuses given to established members too, such as birthday bonuses or reload bonuses.

On this page you can find out more about casino bonuses, how they work, and what you should expect if you decide to claim one or more of them.

What are casino bonuses?

These bonuses are given by casino owners to people who join their casino. They are designed to tempt people to join and to play some of the games on the site. Some casinos offer either free bonus cash or free spins when people join. They might then offer another bonus on top of the first, and sometimes subsequent, deposits made.

Other bonuses might include reload bonuses, weekly or monthly bonuses, and special bonuses attached to new games upon their release.

How do bonuses work in online casinos?

Each bonus is likely to have conditions attached to its use. For example, a deposit bonus will require you to deposit a certain amount to qualify. Deposit less than this and you won’t get the bonus. Oftentimes, the minimum amount is around $10, so it is affordable for most.

There could be a maximum on the amount you can get in bonus cash too. For example, you might get 100% on your first deposit up to a maximum of, say, $200. If you deposited more than $200 to start your account, you would receive no more than $200 in bonus cash.

Watch out too for wagering requirements. There are a few sites that do not attach such requirements to bonus cash, although most do.

Can you win money using online casinos?

It is possible, which is why people enjoy using them. We all like to dream of a big win. Of course, it is rare that people will get big prizes at these casinos. The games will pay back less than 100% of the funds they take in bets. Even when a game offers an impressive 98% back to the player, that means the casino is taking 2% of all the bets for providing you with the game. Furthermore, the 98% given back to players will be over the lifetime of the game.

There are no guarantees you will win anything, much less to come away with more than you started with. Always bear this in mind, be very careful to set an affordable budget, and stop when your budget has gone.

Could I make money with online gambling?

If you play a game and place bets with real cash, there is always a chance you could win something in return. However, there is no guarantee, and you should certainly not expect to make money by playing these games.

We’ll mention once more the importance of sorting out a budget and not going beyond that amount. Never assume you could make money from any game, even if using a free bonus from a casino. That’s why there are lots of rules and conditions attached to such bonuses.

Can I earn money playing games?

Wouldn’t that be lovely? It does not, however, rank as something anyone should attempt. If you are a games tester then yes, you could reasonably do this. However, if you are playing games with real cash bets in play, there is a bigger chance of losing that cash rather than winning anything. You may win prizes occasionally, but the chances are you will lose more than you win overall. That is how casinos stay in business.

What does playthrough mean when claiming a casino bonus?

You will very likely see playthrough conditions attached to any casino bonus you choose to claim. For example, you might see ‘playthrough 35x’ written in the terms and conditions for a bonus. It means you must play through the amount given to you as bonus cash, plus the deposit you made to get the cash (if applicable), before you can cash out anything won using that amount of money.

What are wagering requirements?

These are the same as a playthrough amount. Some sites refer to one over the other, while others use them interchangeably. For instance, a casino may say you must wager your bonus and deposit 35 times before you can cash out.

Can I withdraw anything I win from a free bet?

This will depend on the site you are using. While many casinos have wagering requirements in place, some make a big deal of not having these requirements. They tend to be popular, as you can imagine. They also tend to put other limitations on what you can win with a free bet.

Let’s say you get $5 free for signing up to a casino. You can spend those five dollars on spins of a slot machine. The small print says there are no wagering requirements, so you won’t need to wager the five dollars a certain number of times before cashing out anything won. However, you might see there is a limit of, say, $10 on your winnings. So, anything won that is valued at over $10 will not be given to you. You can only claim up to the amount stated.

Which is the best casino game to play for real money wins?

If you are going to play casino games to try and win prizes, make sure you choose games you are going to like. Some people hate video poker but love slots. Others love the roulette wheel but hate blackjack. Choose a game that appeals to you, because it makes sense to enjoy the experience, right?

The other thing to look at is a high RTP. This means return to player and it is expressed as a percentage. The higher it goes, and the closer to 100% it gets, the more is paid out by the game to be returned to its players. This does not mean you will get a slice of it though. You never know whether you will get back more, less, or the same as the amount you wager.

Which slot games pay out the most?

Always check the RTP to see which ones have the highest percentages. Some games have different percentage values in place depending on how they are played.

Monopoly Big Event is a great example of this. It boasts an RTP of 96% when played in the regular mode, but if you were to use the more expensive Big Bet Mode, this rises to 99%. Of course, if you are looking at a game offering different bet modes, do check you are happy to wager more and that it fits with your budget if you decide to take this route.