Free Casino Chip

This is a question lots of would-be casino players might ask. Those free chips can be very tempting, especially when you consider some free chips could be worth $25 or more. How many free spins could you get for that?

Let’s explore some of the elements to consider when you are about to claim a free chip from your favorite casino.

The value can be higher if there are wagering requirements attached

It is no surprise to learn free chips often come with terms and conditions attached. For example, a casino might give you a $50 free chip… but there might be wagering requirements attached to it. To cash out anything you win with the free chip, you’d probably need to play through it several times. For ‘several’, read something like 35x or more.

That’s fine if you intend to make some deposits and play lots of games. If not, your free chip may not be worth that much after all.

Can you secure a truly free chip without restrictions?

It’s possible, yes. These tend to be far smaller in value. For example, you might get a $5 free chip with no restrictions on it. That means you get to keep what you win.

One caveat here – even the free chips with no restrictions will usually have limits on playing progressive jackpot slots. They don’t want someone claiming a five-dollar free chip and scooping thousands of dollars in prize money. You can’t blame them – they might go out of business if that happened once or twice.

Watch for limits on winnings in both cases

These limits, if there are any, will be noted in the terms and conditions for the free chip. Hence why you should always read those before you claim one. You might be permitted to win up to a certain value rather than there being no ceiling on your winnings.

However, even if there is a limit, you can still happily win that much from your free chip and cash it out without any worries. Free chips are a great way to start playing at a casino. They allow you to work out whether that casino is worth visiting, or whether you could find a better option elsewhere. We can’t see many reasons why you wouldn’t try your luck with a free chip or two, so watch out for the best deals around today.