Cashback Weekend for Worldmatch Slots

At a time when many new gamblers are afraid to place large wagers, Intertops Poker and Juice Stakes casino are offering an excellent bonus to encourage gamblers to play with more confidence. This weekend, between May 17 and May 20th players that complete a deposit into one of the two mentioned casinos up above that don’t win can request a 35% cashback afterwards. The bonus is easy to qualify for and it makes it worthwhile trying to go all in for a big win this weekend.

Excellent Game Selection

Any of the Worldmatch slots games qualify for this special offer, which makes more than 100 different games available to players at these casinos. Players can even experience some of the lattest and best slot games like Robotika HD and Need for Speed HD when trying to win as much as possible with a bit of added security from this special offer.

Easy Qualifications

Anyone interested in making use of this special offer needs to only worry about a few different things. The first is wagering on one of the Worldmatch slots. The second is wagering at least 10x the deposit amount, which isn’t much at all. Meet those two conditions and players will absolutely qualify for the 35% cash back bonus, allowing them to take a portion of their money back, or to use it to continue wagering for even more fun.

Requesting Cash Back

Once players have met the requirements to qualify for the cashback offer, they can very easily request a cash back payout from the casino through the Live Chat service for quick help. Any cash back request must be put in by next Wednesday in order to qualify, so get gambling this weekend and make the most of the winning opportunities that come your way! There is no maximum withdrawal amount for this offer, so feel free to go big and try for the biggest jackpot win that you can get from Intertops Poker or Juicy Stakes casinos.

If you’ve ever dreamed of laying it all down on the line in hopes of a huge win, this weekend is the time to do it. You can go big, try for huge wins and still end up with nearly half your money back again if you don’t hit it big. That’s an excellent offer and should certainly be a confidence booster as you try some of the leading slot games offered.