Crazy Luck Promotions

Before joining any casino it makes sense to look at the promotions being offered to make sure they are worth joining for. At Crazy Luck Casino there are some excellent promotions being offered to new and existing gamblers. These promotions offer deposit matches, free spins and other special benefits that make being a member of the casino worthwhile. If you are interested in joining a new casino, take a minute to look at the different promotions being offered at Crazy Luck to see if they will meet your needs or not.

An Excellent Welcome Bonus

As a member of the casino you have a pretty nice welcome bonus to take advantage of. The bonus is a 100% match bonus up to $250.00 on the initial deposit and up to a total of $1,000 on the first four deposits. That’s a whole lot of free cash and there’s nothing special that you need to do in order to unlock the bonus. Simply join up with the site, complete your deposit and start playing games. Eventually, when you play enough games you will unlock the special bonus and have money to take advantage of.

Surprise Bonuses

Crazy Luck offers surprise bonuses to random gamblers throughout the day. If you are playing the casino games, there is a small chance that you’ll be credited with a surprise bonus that will show up in your account the next day. These bonuses make it exciting to get on and play some games, and offers yet another reason to be a member of the casino.

Cash Back Rewards Weekly

There are special cash back rewards given to players that deposit additional money into the casino throughout the week. Special bonuses are given to regular players as well and you could even get some of your losses back from the casino.

Comp Point Rewards

Everyone can earn comp points by playing at the casino, but there are special reward periods when more comp points than usual are paid out to players at Crazy Luck casino. Play during these times and you’ll come away with more bonus points and an increased chance to cash in on some free money from the casino. Points are rewarded automatically and you can turn them in when you like.

Referral Bonuses

As a member of the casino you can also take advantage of the referral program in order to get yourself more cash to play with. You’ll enjoy a $50 bonus for every playing friend that you bring to the casino. Keep them coming in and you’ll have all the cash that you need to play one game after another on the site.

Crazy Luck casino offers a good range of bonus options to take advantage of as a member of the site. That’s one good reason why you should at least consider joining the casino, and you’ll certainly have plenty of offers to take advantage of if you decide to become a member.