Is The Jupiter Club Casino Out Of This World?

When a casino is named after a planet, you assume it will have a theme based around outer space. However, that is not always the case, as you’ll see from this example. The Jupiter Club Casino has lots of tiny lights flickering around on the home page, but although you might think these distracting, that’s not the case. When we visited, they were celebrating their 17th birthday, so you can be certain this casino will be sticking around for a good while yet.

They treat you to a look at some of the highlights you can look forward to playing when you sign up for a free account at Jupiter Club. You can search for games on the home page, so this is far from a casino that keeps everything secret until you join. It’s easy to decide to become a member too, especially since they offer a new player bonus to claim. This is worth up to $1,000 in bonus cash, equating to a 100% bonus for you to enjoy. Use the code 1JCC100P to claim when you join.

Once you’re inside, you’ve got lots of treats to look forward to that will make you glad you did join. For example, there are plenty of featured games to look at – and they are very appealing too. Watch out for Stones & Bones, Big Game, Dollars Down Under, and Tails of New York among others. Click on a title and you can sign in to start playing. You won’t regret joining the Jupiter Club Casino if that’s what you decide to do.