Casino VIP Program

It's certainly not unusual to join a casino to find it has a VIP program of some sort. These programs are designed to provide players with additional perks and bonuses for being a member. The more you play, the more points you are likely to amass. And more points mean you can get more cash later.

However, not all casinos automatically enroll their members in these programs. It's very important to make sure they do offer automatic enrolment though, otherwise you might miss out.

It means you can start earning points from the moment you join

As soon as you make a bet after joining a casino, you'll earn points. That's great to know, because your points balance will grow from that very moment. If you don't realize you haven't been enrolled, you might want to hold off betting on the available games until you are included. That can be frustrating. It also means you're missing out if you need to wait to get official confirmation that you are part of the program.

You won't need to wait for an invitation

These sites are very uncommon, but we've come across a couple casinos that promote VIP programs, only to reveal they decide who to invite and when. That's a real shame, because they only reward members who make lots of bets and always use the site. You might be tempted to use it more than you'd like, and you still may not get an invite to join the VIP program.

You won't miss out on any great deals or points offers

Different VIP programs work in different ways. Sometimes, you might encounter a casino offering double points on certain days, for example.

It's very easy to forget to join a VIP program in the excitement of joining the site itself. You want to be sure you've claimed your welcome bonus and following that you'll want to check out the great games there are to play. It would be very easy to forget to join the VIP program if you were expected to actively do this yourself.

You can see why it's vital to look for casinos with automatic membership in place. Fortunately, most of them do have this, but that can make it easier to join one that doesn't while simply assuming you're a member. Make sure you don't get caught out.