New Player Casino Bonus

As a new player at Juicy Stakes Casino you have a lot to look forward to when joining the casino. There are plenty of promotions for you to take advantage of, and each one of them will help you get more out of your time with the different slots, poker games and other gambling options at the casino. Before joining the casino make sure you take the time to learn about the different promotions and what you can expect as a player at the casino.

New Player Slot Bonus

As a new player at Juicy Stakes you are free to try out some slot games without having to spend any money of your own. The only thing you need to do to qualify is complete an initial deposit and join up with the casino. Once you do that you will be able to play up to 50 free spins on any of the Betsoft Slots slot games offered at the casino. You can win up to $250 from the spins on this bonus, giving you the cash that you need to start to get some fun out of the casino.

Slot Tournaments

Ongoing casino players can join in on a bunch of different slot tournaments to try and beat a group of competitors to take the title as the best slot player for a particular group of games. These tournaments come with prizes for taking a top spot and they will give you something else to look forward to when you play through slot games.

Reload Bonuses

As a long-term player at Juicy Stakes you’re eventually going to want to load more money into your account to make the most of your time at the site. When you do this you can take advantage of one of the many different reload bonuses. These special bonuses give out additional money when you make a deposit into the casino so that you have more money to gamble with.

Poker Bonuses

Juicy Stakes is well-known as a slot-based casino, but it also offers some high quality competitive poker gambling as well. If you want to play at the casino for this reason specifically, you have some pretty good bonuses to take advantage of. There are freeroll tournaments, reload bonuses, no-deposit bonuses and live event tournament entrances that you can get by being a member of this casino. Each one of those bonuses gives you something else to look forward to while you play through round after round of competitive poker at Juicy Stakes.

There are many different promotional opportunities to take advantage of at Juicy Stakes. Whether you want to play casino games, poker, or gamble in some other way, there is a special promotion for you to use to help you get even more out of your gambling experience. Check the promotions page frequently and you’ll figure out a way to enhance your time at Juice Stakes.