Are Social Casinos Catching on?

What are social casinos? Put simply, these are casinos that offer players the chance to say hi to other people and to enjoy a social aspect to gaming as they play their favorite slots and other games. While regular casinos offer players a good selection of games to play, they rarely provide people with a chance to interact with fellow players. There could be lots of people online all playing the same game, yet you wouldn’t normally interact with any of them.

Facebook has played a role in providing us with games we can enjoy and share our experiences in playing too. While you won’t normally gamble while playing these games, the social aspect has not gone unnoticed by other sites. While social casinos are not yet hugely popular, you can now discover sites that do have some degree of social interaction available.

Instant chat livens up your gaming experience

If you like saying hi to like-minded people, this is as good a place as any to make it happen. Instant chat can easily be added to many casinos. While very few of them have done this so far, the future may well provide us with a different experience.

Instant chat is easy to use – you only need a username (chances are you might have one anyway) and you can use it whenever you like. You might spot players who regularly use the same sites you do. Say hi! You might make a few new friends.

The social aspect in live dealer casinos

Not all casino games involve you and just the computer game you’re playing. Some offer live dealer games, providing a more immediate experience in the casino. These also offer the chance to chat with the dealer while you play, and sometimes with others at the same table. Have you been to an online casino offering this?

Outperforming your fellow players

You’ve probably seen updates from people on social media sites boasting of the latest level they’ve completed in their games. You might get the chance to try some of these games occasionally. However, introducing casino games into the mix and pairing them with the chance to interact with other players is another possibility.

We think we will begin to see this happening more frequently as time goes on. Will the next casino you join offer you the chance to say hi to other players too?