How Do You Play Casino?

Casino isn’t just the name of a bricks and mortar building you head to if you want to play games to try and win prizes. It is also the name of a card game based on a regular deck of cards. It is good for two players, although as many as four individuals can play it. The jokers in the pack must be set to one side before play begins, as they are not included in the game.

Each player receives four cards, while a further four cards are placed face up in the middle of the table. Play goes in a clockwise direction. The idea is to capture as many cards as you can to win the game. Capturing can occur by pairing up with a card in the middle of the table. It can also occur by combining. This is done in numerical form. So, if you have a card with a value of five and two of the cards on the table add up to five, you can capture them. Pairing and combining can also occur together.

There are other ways of capturing cards too, along with a trailing element that can occur if a player can’t capture anything. If this occurs, they might add a card to the middle pile. The more cards you capture in Casino, the more chance there is you will win the game. Various scenarios are scored with points once the game ends, to figure out who is the winner.