Grand Liberty Slots

In the USA we like to play big, and Grand Liberty, the latest and greatest slot game from our friends at Slotland , creator of some of the most creative slot games in the world. This is a big, robust, slot game with a big, robust American style theme, celebrating the freedom to play awesome slot games from your own computer, where- and when-ever you choose. This is a raucous, shameless slot game that is beautifully designed and loads of fun!

Icons of Liberty

Grand Liberty has beautiful imagery of Americana, from good ol’ Captain America holding his shield up as the spin button on the right, to all of the detailed background and the symbols used in play. This game makes you want to stand up and sing the Star Spangled Banner!

Grand Wagering and Wins

Grand Liberty Slots offers players coin values ranging from 2¢ all the way up to $5. With thirty paylines, each accepting a single coin bet, this makes it possible to play all lines for as little as 60¢ per spin, or players can wager as much as $150 each play. This makes this game truly appealing to a very wide range of player, from the casual weeknight gamer to the serious high roller who wants to maximize risk and potential for high winnings.

And the winnings on Grand Liberty can truly be grand! This game has an ever increasing progressive jackpot, so the winnings can truly be in the millions if the game is played at the right time.

Symbols of Liberty

This game employs all kinds of American imagery to build its fun, patriotic theme. The expanding wildcard is the Stature of Liberty – this beautiful image shows up only during the free-spin sessions, and when it does, it expands to fill all the paylines, making the winnings compound fast.

Other symbols used are the White Star from the American Flag, which serves as the scatter symbol, American Eagles and Flags, and even the card indices are old-time folk-art wood carvings that look perfect in this game.

The Liberty to Choose

Grand Liberty’s Bonus Game consists of a deal of “Pick Me” cards. The player chooses from 15 cards, and continues to pick until they get the “Collect” card, when the winnings are calculated and paid. In the bonus game, players can win up to 5x the bet if the correct cards are drawn!

Choose Liberty!

Grand Liberty is a truly beautiful game that will appeal to serious slot players. The bonus round is simple, and the slot play is hot. The imagery is the style that will really show off your HD computer screen to its best, with great graphics and fun animations. We are a little surprised that this game was not released over the July 4th weekend, with its Stand-up-and-cheer patriotic theme. We love this game, and so will you. So get settled in your favorite gaming chair and pull up Grand Liberty Slots tonight for some exciting slot action, American style!