Klondike Fever Slots

We’re heading for the Yukon in this slot game, going back in time to the Gold Rush and the Klondike Fever that gripped the area at the time. This should tell you more about this online slot game, but there is more to learn as well. Settle in for our complete slot game review of Klondike Fever below.

Who came up with this slot?

It’s another we can add to the collection from Wager Gaming.

It comes with a practice option too

If you’re new to the game, make sure you choose the version packed with demo credits first. It’s the ideal introduction to it.

A golden theme to try

You’ve no doubt seen other slot games based around finding gold or the Gold Rush itself. This one focuses on the latter.

Nothing too complex about this design

Klondike Fever doesn’t always land at all the available Wager Gaming casinos, as it is an older title in their collection. This means you should expect basic graphics rather than anything in depth.

How to play Klondike Fever slots

The game offers five reels and three symbols come into view on each one as they stop spinning. There are no symbols given the role of a wild, and after exploring further, we realized there was no scatter anywhere either. You do get plenty of symbols connected to the theme, but that’s about as much as we can say here.

The paylines match the reels

What do we mean by this? We mean that we get five lines along with the five reels we already mentioned.

You can try this one as a penny slot

This is at least a cheaper game to play, as Wager Gaming has given us a basic penny to use as the cheapest available coin. They also go up to their usual maximum of $10, so you can spin away from just five cents a go.

Paytable details

The paytable offers a little more information about the game, although with no special icons to look for, it is restricted to revealing the prizes on offer for each winning combination you might get.

Bonus features don’t arrive in Klondike Fever

We can’t say anything else on this topic.

Free spins won’t land anywhere either

You might have worked that out already.

RTP details are under wraps

We have failed to find anything concrete on this topic.

Our rating for Klondike Fever

You may not get into a fever with this slot, as it only qualifies as the most basic of five-reel games. We couldn’t really give this more than around six out of 10.

Don’t forget to explore the paytable for prizes

Do this before you play, so you can see whether the prize opportunities are good enough for you to try this game.

You can try it free first

Klondike Fever won’t put your budget at risk if you stick with the demo version.

Play for real if you find it at an online casino

It has limited scope today, but you may still find it out there to play for real prizes occasionally.

Mobile gaming isn’t possible though

It’s one of the earlier efforts in the five-reel category for this developer, so we guess you’re more likely to spot it in an online casino rather than a mobile one.