Fire Queen Slots

With 100 paylines, it’s easy to win cash when you play Fire Queen slots. This innovative game has 5 reels and plenty of bonus features, including the popular Double Money Burst platform, to help boost your winnings. Graphics are eye-catching with the queen holding animated flames in her right hand as the game goes on to the side of her.

Bets start at as little as a penny per line and increase to $2 per line. A 10-cent bet puts you at $5 per spin. On my very first spin, I doubled my $5 bet thanks to the wild Fire Queen taking up every space on the third reel. The same thing happened on my fourth and fifth spins. It really isn’t hard to win back your bet. By my 10th spin, I won a big prize of $150 by having the fire queen go to town converting symbols to wilds.

Not Your Average Set Up

With Fire Queen slots, there are five reels in all, but the first two have four rows while the remaining three have six rows. This greatly increases your odds for a winning payline. Bonus symbols often lock in place to further help you win cash.

Fire Queen slots uses the Double Money Burst platform. This means there are six ways in all that you can trigger a bonus feature.


On their own, the pendant and flower are worth 50 cents to $12.50 on a 10-cent wager. The fiery horse is worth up to $15, and the phoenix is worth up to $30. The fire queen pays out $40 if she appears five times. Poker symbols offer the smallest payouts of 20 cents to $7.50. The candelabra, potion, and ruby ring are worth up to $10.

Hope the Fire Queen Appears

When the fire queen appears, she will randomly shoot flames to turn other symbols into fire queen symbols. This can quickly boost your winnings.

Earning Free Spins

There are numerous ways to trigger free spin rounds. Four matching symbols on the first four reels or on reels five to eight reward you with five free spins. This is just one way to win free spins, you can also get the feature symbol on the 9th, 10th, and 11th reel to trigger even more free spins.

When you play Fire Queen slots, you can click the auto-play button and 10 rounds automatically begin. You cannot change the number of auto-play rounds. If you’re looking to have the computer take over for a short time, you’ll love the ease of starting the auto-play rounds. Fire Queen slots may not be loaded with interactive bonus games, but you won’t miss them. The winnings come so quickly that you’ll want to keep spinning to see just how much you can win in a very short time.