Chicken Little Slots

This Slot was created with a great theme and is all based around the well know cartoon under the same name. The characters are just adorable and funny as in the cartoon and will transport you to the comical cartoon world. This is a classic three reel Slot, with a single pay line, however, you will find the pay table very generous, and that's the reason it's a very popular slot with the high rollers and for those players that like to play low stakes as they have the chance to win lots of cash! Chicken Little Slot has an very functional feature that attracts many players which is the Auto Play mode. As with this feature you can relax and enjoy your game. All you need to do is select the stakes, the amount of games you want to play and the amount you would like to bet, and then the Auto Play feature will do the rest for you! The amount of coins you can select goes from $0.01 up to $0.05 with a maximum of 3 coins per spin. At Chicken Little Slot the minimum bet is $0.01, but you have the choice to bet up to $15 per spin. The incredible Jackpot give you the opportunity to win up to 4000 coins!

Symbols and Winnings!

As you can imagine the Wild symbol in this Slot is the main character Chicken Little, but before that. let's take a look at how much you can win! All you need is three Chicken Littles' to win 1000 coins if you had placed a one coin wager, and if your bet was two coins you will receive 2000 coins and the biggest reward comes when you have bet 3 coins, as you will be given 4000 coins. The Chicken Little symbol can also be used as a replacement of any other symbol in a winning combination and payout will be doubled, this is what we call a great wild symbol! With three of the other symbols you will get pay outs of 70 coins per coin bet, these symbols are the Geese, the Rooster, the crazy Duck, the big Hen and the Acorn. There are three different multiplier symbols, and these can be single, double or triple with different combinations of bars will make you win a lot. Chicken Little Slot hasn't left out one of the favorite features for many players which are the Free Spins! Whenever you get three Chicken Little symbols you are going to get 10 Free Spins.

Play Now!

You won't regret giving Chicken Little a spin, it's a cute little slot and don't let the fact that it's a three reel slot put you off trying it as there are big wins to be had. It's well designed and has many of the features of a modern 5 reel slot, such as the wild and the free spins. Give it a go today, maybe it's your turn to get clucky!