Total Gold Casino

Total Gold Casino suggests that we might have a golden color scheme to look forward to, and that turns out to be true as we visit the site for the first time. We have already done this, so we can bring you a report covering all the aspects of the site you might be thinking about. If you are keen to learn more, settle in and read through the sections included here in our casino review.

Software to look out for at the casino

You'll see games from Pragmatic Play and NetEnt among others, so you're getting a pleasant and rounded casino experience based on this factor alone.

Can you see the full lobby before you join?

No, but you can go to the games page, and there is a lot of info there for you if you want it. If you explore the slots and casino segment of the menu near the bottom of the website, you can also see various categories that could soon be available to you if you sign up. These include slots, jackpot slots, and favorites.

The casino has a golden joining button

Well, you guessed that much, surely? You can hit that to begin the signup process, creating your account, so you can login later whenever you like.

Signup restrictions look uncertain

Our best advice here, since the terms and conditions page looks rather odd and doesn't properly load after several attempts, is to contact the site and tell them where you're from. You can then see if you're able to sign up and legally play there. We do know that they're fine to visit and play at if you live in the UK or in Canada.

See a few familiar games on the landing page

Starburst, Cleopatra, Stampede… no doubt you have heard of at least one or two of those, and we've only given you a few suggestions to begin with. You can see whether you're keen to find out more about the complete game collection at the Total Gold Casino too.

Look for the gold star to see some popular slots

The games appear on the landing page in groups, so you can easily find some popular slots there. We spotted some famous titles along with a few we were less familiar with, but that looked superb, nonetheless.

Is it possible to play any free games?

It could be, but it is only something you'll see on games with demos available - and to those available for members to play. You can find out more when you've opened your account.

How much do the games cost to play?

It depends on the available games and the coins you'll find in each one. It's best to see which titles appeal more in terms of theme and features, and then to go through the coins to find out how much each spin would cost.

New slot games have their own area on the front page too

Total Gold Casino does offer an area devoted to new games. Most of these are slots, so you're going to see plenty more images there for new titles added to their collection.

A welcome bonus followed by more offers

You won't miss the welcome deal, which offers a 100% bonus when depositing £10 or more on your first deposit. When we visited the casino, we spotted some new player offers below that deal on the landing page. We also saw the gold bell at the top of the site that marked out the offers area. Check that out before signing up, as you may need a bonus code for the first deposit bonus - and perhaps others beyond that.

Tournaments aren't part of the action

We didn't see any suggestion that the casino had anything along these lines, so we guess there is no need to look out for events like this.

No announced winners anywhere in view

The casino didn't have a section for winning players, although it did have plenty of areas for other informative details.

The loyalty scheme offers Star Rewards

You can read more about these on the relevant page. They give you a chance to earn loyalty points throughout each week, which then determine which level of the program you'll be at the week after. It works a little differently to other schemes we have seen, but you can read about it at Total Gold Casino before you begin.

Available on Android and iOS devices

We can see as much from the logos near the bottom of their website at Total Gold Casino. You'll be able to select one of those links to read more about how to do this. It could be perfect for you if you tend to play more when you're out than when you're at home. There are no downloads for computers.

Playing without an account isn't possible

If you see a casino game that looks cool, you can select it… but you'll be asked to login so you can play it. You cannot get into any of the games without an account.

Instant play casino action every day

We tend to prefer instant play online casinos, and the Total Gold Casino certainly meets that requirement.

Affiliate details for those who are interested

Become a member of Silver Spin Partners and you could end up promoting the casino and receiving commissions whenever you refer someone who deposits at Total Gold Casino.

Sporting services, betting, and bookies at the casino

As you may now realize, you'll visit a casino that offers casino games. It doesn't extend into other connected areas you might see on other websites. So, there is no sportsbook on the site and no racebook either.

Blog and forum features aren't included

You won't see these areas at Total Gold, but we must say that the lower menu is packed with features and pages, so you may not even notice a lack of blog posts.

Don't miss the live dealer casino

There is a link to this at the bottom of their website, although it led to the offers page. Perhaps you'll uncover more when you become a member, as there was nothing on the site before that stage.

Depositing at this casino

Without a banking or cashier page to visit, we can only go by the information at the bottom of their site. They have logos for Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Interac Online.

Check for details about making a withdrawal

When you have logged into your account, visit the cashier to see which methods you could withdraw via in your country. Check for fees and possible limits too.

Bitcoin doesn't seem like it has been added

We saw no evidence that anyone can use this currency yet. Hopefully, that might change.

Help and support at Total Gold Casino

Look for this at the bottom of the site. You can get in touch with the team via email, and they give a three-day timeframe for responding in normal times. That's quite long, and we certainly didn't see any live chat anywhere.