Cai Bling Slots

There is something about the title Cai Bling that caught our eye from the second we first saw it. When we discovered more about the slot game, we weren't disappointed. Whatever you might think of it, you're in for a fine time when you give this game a try.

Cai Bling includes a few intriguing and exciting features, and we'll cover those in our game review. Let's get started, shall we?

Developer info to start with

It always helps to know who is behind a slot game. In this case, we can reveal it is Realtime Gaming.

Does that assure us of a demo game too?

It does, yes, as all their recent titles have had them. It's the best way to experiment and see what a game can really offer.

Theme information for Cai Bling

If you know what bling means, you know it refers to jewels and riches. It's a slang term. Cai means many things in Chinese, depending on the translation and whether there is an accent on the word. However, we spotted that it can mean prizes, and that seems most appropriate here.

Design features in Cai Bling

Expect riches aplenty in this game. There are outstanding graphics used here, offering a realistic look and feel for all those riches. We loved the rich purple color for the reel backdrops too, contrasting with the golden background for the entire game.

How wild is Cai Bling, anyway?

It could be wilder than you think. This five-reel slot has two wild symbols in play for starters. One is a white cat, thought to be lucky in China, and the other is a green dragon. Everything is beautifully detailed, and thankfully those two wilds are labeled as such as well.

The scatter appears as a jewel-encrusted lotus flower - probably the richest-looking one we've ever seen. That's labeled too, although you'll know it when you see it.

We should also mention that you do not get a progressive jackpot in this game… you get four. Check the latest totals for each next to the fifth reel.

Paylines are out of bounds this time around

RTG has produced plenty of win ways slots and we have another one here. This means we receive 243 potential ways to get a prize on each spin.

How are the bets calculated?

You can still choose from different bet amounts here. Coins go from one cent to 50 cents, with eight coins playable per spin. This covers all those winning ways that could trigger on each spin.

Paytable information

If this is your first time reading about Cai Bling slots, you'll want to review the paytable when you finally load up the game. It doesn't take long to check it out, but it gives you plenty of knowledge before you play.

Could the golden symbols prove to be a bonus?

There is a lot else going on aside from what's happening on the reels here. At the side of the first reel, there are five golden symbols. Could one or more of these change the action for you? Play and find out what happens next.

There are some free spins up for grabs too

If you've played other slots, you'll know the scatter normally triggers these. And perhaps it could be the same here. A screenshot reveals that eight free games are available, bringing that lucky number to the fore once again.

RTP information for Cai Bling

We do not have this info yet, and RTG doesn't tend to make it available either. However, hang tight for updates if we get any.

Our rating for the Cai Bling online slot game

It's hard not to like this one. The presentation deserves 10/10 and honestly, there is enough else going on to give it the same score all round. If we are being mean, we could knock off a point for no 3D graphics. This game looks superb, but can you imagine how much better it could have looked with 3D elements in action too?

Jackpot winners coming soon…

These jackpots are not going to drop every day, but with four available to be won, who knows when someone might manage to trigger one of them to come their way?

Play Cai Bling in practice format first

There is a lot to get your teeth into with this game. If you are curious to see if it presents you with enough potential, try the practice option before switching to the proper game.

Play for real from just eight cents a go

Few slots give you so much for a bet that small. There are other potential wagers too, but this one would give you access even on a small budget.

The Cai Bling mobile experience

The small screen doesn't reduce the action. Play today on your tablet or smartphone and see what we mean. Touchscreen controls make light work of this slot game, and you get all the features you'd see in the desktop version too. Fine to play on iOS and Android.