Blood Life Legends

International Game Technology has been well known for delivering leading edge technology. They are now known for delivering with the industry's only true video slot skill-based games with the debut of IGT's Video Reel Edge series. Blood Life Legends Video Slot is one such slot game. This slot game features a skill-based bonus with joystick enabled action which both is on the distinctive, Universal Slant cabinet with a 32-inch LCD screen over the top box.

Internationally Acclaimed

IGT makes market-attuned games for international players. Their portfolio includes customized game play configurations and translated game content, at the push of a button. These games are specifically designed to appeal to Asian, Latin American and European players. On a global level, games like Golden Memories(TM), Money Idol(TM), Tango De Oro(TM), Big Dragon Lounge(TM) and Silk Seduction(TM) Video Slots are sure to be the next international favorites.

Blood Life Legends Facts

In Blood Life Legends slots you will find five reels and 40 pay lines with 1024 ways to win. This is a dark and vampire type slot game. Wolves howl and ravens take flight in this supernatural slot game. Two bonus events are available with this slot game. The Cave Collector Bonus depends 100% upon your skill as a player. Two or more bonus symbols trigger the event. Navigate your way to some massive jackpots.

Blood Life Legends Bonuses

Video Reel Edge is the only regulatory-approved, skill-based game in the market. The base game plays like a video slot, but when two or more bonus symbols appear, players can choose between a Free Games Bonus and a skill-based bonus. If you choose a Free Games Bonus, the number of initiating symbols determines how many initial free games are awarded. Two or more additional bonus symbols can trigger additional free games. Two bonus symbols= 10 free games, three bonus symbols = 15 free games, and four bonus symbols = 20 free games. Choosing the skill-based bonus allows players to take control the bat in Blood Life Legends. Players navigate the bat through a subway while collecting coins and gems to earn credits.

More Specifics

The number of treasure pieces collected determines how much you will win, and the number of initiating bonus symbols determines the value of each treasure piece. Once you reach the end of your journey, you will receive a treasure chest bonus. The value of the chest is random.

Blood Life Legends: Like nothing you have ever encountered before!