Ares: The Battle for Troy Slots

Ares: The Battle for Troy Slots
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Championing a Greek-god centered theme in their more popular slots of late, Bovada Casino introduces the engrossing, US-friendly Ares: Battle for Troy Slots. This masterpiece of Genesis Gaming providers takes you back to the mythological realms of ancient Greece, when gods and goddesses reigned supreme in the Mediterranean and above it. Even as new themed slots continue to roll off the presses with better and better graphics, Ares: the Battle for Troy slots immediately strikes you as impressive, top-notch artwork and design. Crisply-detailed symbols with the full array of coloration really makes this slot even more fun to play than the simple, straight-to-the-point slots you might find at a land-based casino. Head on over to download now at Bovada Casino to see what the Olympians have in store for you in Ares: The Battle for Troy Slots.

A Bit of History of Ares Himself

Ares: The Battle for Troy Slots is a 5 reel Grecian playground that tells the story of the Greek god of war, and his actions during the legendary Battle for the city of Troy, where a thousand Greek ships sailed to the supposedly impenetrable city to take back their queen, Helen. The gods and goddesses of Olympus joined in the fray – as they were won’t to do back then – and chose sides; Ares didn’t care about sides and just wanted to loot as much gold as he could. This, if you choose to accept it, is your task: defeat your enemies as the god of war, and use the variable paylines of The Battle for Troy slots to win multiple times on the same reel. Additionally, the Progressive Jackpot is available to all players, regardless of wager, on each and every spin.

Game Symbols

In addition to the dull suite of card symbols, The Battle for Troy Slots also has a battleaxe, vest of armor, Trojan Horse and shields for war. All of these symbols except for the Scatter are subject to being overturned by the Wild, which aids you in winning. You can bet in denominations as low as 0.25 per payline, or as high as 125.00. The God of War’s slot game is something you must download now to experience the full range of playing options.

Game Details

When you download Ares: The Battle for Troy slots from Bovada Casino, you’ll come across some of the most liberal rules of any slot game, allowing you to win to your heart’s desire. The Wild symbol can show up on reels 2,3,4 in place of all other symbols, except for the Scatter – which is represented by the famed Trojan Horse (the hollow wooden horse of victory that hid the best Grecian warriors who decimated Troy when the supposed gift horse was brought inside the city limits). In fact, if you luck out and land three Trojan Horse Scatter symbols, you can trigger the lucrative Trojan Horse bonus.

Be on the lookout for the shield symbols to appear; out of the 15 that show up, only some of them have prizes for you. Selecting the correct shield will stack your wins ever higher by adding it to the featured win for that bonus round. Plus; there exists one end-all shield prize; you win every single available prize if you hit this one. As a final treat, this also enables you to move right into the City of Troy itself, where a veritable children’s playground of toys become available, and you just keep picking them until the magic collect symbol comes up and you get paid.

Bovada Casino is one of only two US friendly online gaming hubs that offer Ares: The Battle for Troy Slots. It’s a fantastic descent into Greek legend and lore, while also giving you a chance to win all that you could hope for from a video slot.

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Ares: The Battle of Troy Slots

Type5-reel, bonus, progressive
Coins per line1
Coin size$0.25, $0.50, $0.75, $1.00, $1.25, $10.00, $100.00, $125.00, $2.50, $20.00, $25.00, $5.00, $75.00
Max Bet$125
ThemeGreek Mythology
ScatterTrojan Horse
SymbolsAce, Battle Axe, Body Armour, Helmet, Jack, King, Nine, Queen, Shield, Ten, Warrior
Bonus roundTrojan Horse bonus game
Fun moneyyes
SoftwareGenesis Gaming
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