Stars n' Stripes Slots

Play Stars n' Strips slots and win up to 1,600 coins. This classic video slot features single, double, and triple bars that you expect from a classic slot game. Meanwhile, the patriotic bald eagle, U.S. flag, and red, white, and blue 7 capture the three-reel slot game's patriotic theme.

Symbols and Payouts for Stars n' Stripes

Stars n' Stripes slots payouts depend on how much money you bet. Bet one coin for prizes of 2 to 800 coins. Increase to a two-coin bet and win 4 to 1,600 coins.

For the bald eagle, you'll win a prize of 2 to 40 coins, depending on if you have one, two, or all three eagle heads. Next are the single, double, and triple bars worth 10 to 100 coins.

The higher prizes come with the red, white, and blue 7s and the U.S. flag. The 7s are worth 100 or 200 coins, again depending on if you bet one or two coins. The flags are worth 800 to 1,600 coins.

The U.S. Flag Serves as a Wild Symbol

The U.S. flag is also a wild symbol in Stars n' Stripes slots. When it helps form a winning combination on a one-coin bet, you gain a 2x multiplier. Bet two coins and the flag comes with a 4x multiplier. That means a flag and two 7s could gain you a prize of 800 coins.

Game play is easy. Set your coin value; options range from a penny to a dollar. Then bet one or two coins. Spin the reels and see if you get a winning combination. There is only one payline, right across the center, so you'll find it is simple to know when you win money playing Stars n' Stripes slots.