Santastic Slots

Well, there's a question we thought you might be interested in. Fantastic festive slot games are always exciting to play, and of course, we are talking about Christmas slots here. Revealing the theme this early in our review is rare for us, but there's not much we can do to hide it since we have that Santastic title to share. So, let's get straight to business and find out more about the game here.

Developer information for Santastic

The game came out a few years ago from the RTG brand. Now, though, they're known as Spin Logic, so you might see this name next to the slot as well.

Demo action gives you a first look at the game

We'll give you lots of information here, of course, but you can also load the demo to find out more about the game and how it works.

You know the theme, of course…

We already revealed this one was based around the festive season, but we guess you knew that from the moment you read the title anyway.

A wonderful Christmas design to behold

Some Christmas slots get the balance of design just right, and this is certainly one of those. There is a ton of snow everywhere, with holly, berries, candy cane detailing, and plenty more to enjoy as well.

Play the Santastic slot with these tips and facts

When you load the game, you might be surprised to see a 3 x 3 format rather than one with five reels. However, we do see a jackpot on the screen - progressive, of course - and this appears at the top of the reels.

You might also be surprised to learn the Santastic game offers two wild symbols. Look out for one bearing two stockings and the word DOUBLE. If this helps you score a prize, you'll get 2x the usual amount. It only lands on the second reel. The other wild says TRIPLE and shows three stockings… and yes, you might now guess that it lands on reel three and offers a 3x multiplier too.

You can also combine those stockings with another symbol on the same line to receive a prize with a 6x multiplier, which is better still. Everything apart from the jackpot symbol is replaceable by either of those wilds.

How many paylines do you get in this game?

The 3 x 3 format doesn't have much room to work with, but we do still have five lines to bet on.

What's the cheapest bet on this game?

Higher than you might think, as the 10-cent coin offered as a minimum gives you a 50-cent total wager per spin. You can go up to a dollar per coin too.

Paytable details if you're curious to know more

This is the best way to see all the symbols that can land over the reels as you play the game.

The game can treat you to the occasional Festive Feast bonus

You'll see two bonus meters on the screen. Whenever a prize lands on the reels, you can watch the bonus meters light up. Not all positions garner a bonus, and those that do only unlock a bonus from one of the two meters. If you manage to get two or more prize-winning combos in one spin, a trip to the bonus meter occurs for each one.

Three chances to find some free spins on the meter

Yes, the bonus meters can reveal three free spin amounts, depending on whether you can land on one of the relevant squares. The smallest quantity is just three spins, but you could get 10 for landing on that square, or even 25, which is the best one of all.

RTP info for this progressive slot game

Santastic has an unknown return to player percentage. However, we know that the game typically offers a lower RTP given the jackpot, with a slightly higher one when considering the entire game.

What did we make of the Santastic slot game?

This is one of the best three-reel Christmas slots we have seen. However, it can be disheartening to see the bonus meter trigger and receive no outcome from it. That aside, there is plenty of action here and enough to give a 7.5 out of 10 score.

How high can the jackpot go?

There is no way to tell because the game could randomly drop this at any time. We do know, though, that the prize potential goes to 50,000x your bet at most.

Play some demo spins to start with

This is a great way to find out whether you are happy to play the game in real play mode. If you are, you'll be able to work out your budget to see if the higher spin bet works while playing Santastic.

Plenty of casinos offer this festive slot game

Anything with games from Spin Logic is going to include this among several other festive online slots from the same brand.

Mobile action with Santastic

As you might have figured out already, this game looks just as good on a mobile screen. Watch for the game on Android and iOS if you're keen to pass the time with some entertaining Christmassy spins.