Kate’s Waddle Slots

We know – that doesn’t sound good, does it? But since it is the title of a new slot game, we guess there might be a different meaning there than you’d imagine. Which animal waddles, for example? If you are thinking about penguins, you can get ready to meet some of these cute creatures here right now.

Reels and lines in play

Is this the biggest game we have ever seen? It might be, with 10 reels and 10 rows on each. They haven’t given us any paylines though, instead opting to focus on providing cluster wins to aim for.

Which coins can you use?

One cent per coin is as low as you can go here. You must wager 30 coins on each spin you make, too. The highest coin to use is worth $8.

Kate’s Waddle notable icons to look for

There are two important symbols here, both of which show us penguins. The first one is cute and smiley and indicates it is a wild. Only Kate, the titular penguin of the game, cannot be replaced by this. Kate is a free spin triggering icon.

Can you expect any bonuses?

Well, we know there are some free games to be won here. The idea is to find between five and nine appearances of Kate in one game. If you do this, you will win the relevant number of free games, i.e. between five and nine of them. The number won will also determine the reel set used for those spins. So, it will be between 5 x 5 and 9 x 9 accordingly.

There is a chance you might spot an orca diving over the reels during those games. If this happens, you automatically win another three free spins. These are added to however many you have left at that point.

Download and try your luck with the new Kate’s Waddle slot now

This is a fun slot, giving you lots to look at with 100 icons dropping into view on each spin. It can be hard to keep up, but it’s fun, nonetheless. You can also try a free demo to find out how it works before deciding if you want to play the real version.

If you do, you will have a chance to score one of three progressive jackpots too. Kate’s Waddle turns out to be a fine slot to play indeed.