Jingle Jackpot Slots

We bet the word jackpot caught your eye, but how about the jingle part of the title? We'll give you all the information we've got about this Jingle Jackpot slot game, so if you're ready to read more here, make sure you settle down for a comprehensive slot review you can rely on.

Who created Jingle Jackpot slots?

It looks like we have another game from Novomatic to review for you here.

Demo gaming is the ideal way to start

With a new game to check out, it's often best to load the demo, so you can get a better feel for the game and find out all the details.

What's the Jingle Jackpot theme?

Well, there is a jackpot involved, of course, but you've also got a jingly clue to the theme… which revolves around Christmas.

Expect all the festive trimmings in this design

Baubles, crackers, a close-up of a wreath hanging above the reels… all the touches are there. You can certainly get into the festive spirit quite easily with this game.

How to play the Jingle Jackpot slot game

You'll see the familiar 5 x 3 game format loading in this title. There is a jackpot, of course, and this appears above the reels, just underneath the game title.

The gold star has WILD written on it, so it's obvious what this is for. It can help you pick up some prizes more easily than might otherwise be possible.

How many lines can you bet on?

The game offers 10 lines, so there aren't as many as we've seen in other Christmas games.

Bets remain on the lower side

The smallest line bet is a mere one cent, and if you max out the coin value, your total bet doesn't go higher than $7.50. Those elements should suit those who like to get lots of spins out of their budget.

Plenty of pages inside this paytable

And since they give you prize values and explanations for certain parts of the game, you can see how things might progress if you play this game.

Keep your fingers crossed for a random bonus

This is the Christmas Cracker bonus, and it can occur following a losing spin. The cracker can reveal one of four features that each bring you a Christmas surprise. Which one might you get? Remember that it is a random chance, so it won't turn up on every losing spin, but it does make you watch the reels more closely.

Free spins don't seem to appear

The Christmas Cracker feature doesn't take you through to any, and we found no information elsewhere that suggested a chance of some free games.

It looks to have a reasonable RTP

A little higher than we expected, coming in at around 96.45%.

Our rating: Is the Jingle Jackpot slot game worth a look?

Certainly, especially if you like your slots to come with a progressive prize. We think there is enough here to give a score of eight out of 10, but we doubt we'd go higher than that.

Keep an eye out for news of jackpot winners

Make sure you're in prime position to get some news on the game, just in case there are any winners managing to snag the biggest prize.

Check out the game in the safe demo mode first

The game has some differences to other festive slots, so the demo for Jingle Jackpot is certainly the best game to try to start with.

Then you can decide whether you want to play for real

And if you do, you just need to deposit at a participating casino to play.

Mobile activity - can you play like this?

Yes, you can, with Android and iOS devices looking good in this respect.