Easter Feast Slots

Holiday-themed slots always have great appeal. Easter Feast slots is a game you don't want to miss. First, it helps bring thoughts of sunny, warmer weather to mind. Second, it has a fun bonus feature that makes it easy to win a lot of cash in a hurry.

To play Easter Feast, place your bet of 1 cent to $1 on the 20 pay lines. From there, click spin or autoplay and start winning as much as 10,000 coins each time you spin the reels.

Collect Plenty of Cash in the Base Game

In the base game, prizes aren't substantial, but they're still impressive. The 10 and J pay up to 75 coins, while the Q and K/A pay up to 125 coins and 150 coins, respectively. There is an Easter bunny wild in the game. The bunny has no value on its own, but it can help turn near misses into big wins.

The next highest prizes come from the purple, blue, and red/gold Easter eggs. You need two matches to gain a token prize of 2, 3, or 5 coins, respectively. If you get all five of these eggs on an active pay line, you'll win 200 coins (purple), 300 (blue), or 500 (red/gold).

You're welcome to gamble your base game winnings. To do so, you have two options. Pick the color of the next card in the deck to double your winnings. Pick the next suit to quadruple your winnings. If you're wrong, you lose everything.

Winnings Quickly Pile Up During Bonus Features

With three top hats or three Easter baskets, you'll play either the Hats and Bunnies feature or Egg Tapping. Both games are interactive and have multiple levels.

Hats and Bunnies is triggered by the top hat bonus symbol. In this game, pick one of the three hats and find the bunny. If you're right, you win a cash prize and get to play again. The bonus feature ends when you guess incorrectly three times.

Egg Tapping is triggered by the Easter baskets symbol. In this game, pick your egg. You're about to tap away at the opponent's egg and try to smash it before your egg breaks. Each egg that you break without damaging yours gives you cash.

Gain Up to 15 Free Spins

The chick rewards you with free spins. Get three chick scatters and win 5 free spins. Four and five scatters give you 10 or 15 free spins, respectively.

Are you ready to win base prizes or higher amounts of cash in the bonus features? Look for Easter Feast slots at leading online casinos. With two bonus features, free spins, and a gamble feature, it's easy to win more than you'd imagine. Play it now.