Wild Wizards Slots

Some slots leave us in no doubt of the characters we are about to meet. We can certainly say that is the case with the Wild Wizards slot game. A magical theme in clearly in evidence here, but are the wizards on our side?

Introducing those Wild Wizards

This isn’t a unique title, as it relates to two slot games. However, the one we are going to focus on shall be described at length here. It’s a great slot packed with some excellent features, and you’re about to find out all about it.

Which developer came up with this slot?

If you’ve already encountered the RTG slot of the same name, that’s not the one you’re going to read about here. Instead, we get the chance to review the game from Saucify. You might also know this company by the name BetOnSoft. If you find the game with either of those names connected to it, that’s the same one we’re reviewing here.

Try the demo version to see the wizards in action

What better intro could there be than a version of the game that requires no cents to be played on it? The demo version of Wild Wizards comes pre-loaded with demo credits, so you need not be concerned about using any of your own money to give it a try.

A magical theme, for sure

We guess you would have figured that much out from the title alone. This is an appealing slot game with some nice features involved in it.

Highlighting the design

The Wild Wizards slot design is nice enough, for sure. It does feel magical, and even though there isn’t a lot of background to speak of, the darkened appearance is nice as it adds to the magical feel.

The reels contain all manner of special icons, some magical in their theme and presentation – and some worth more than others, as we are about to see.

The basics you ought to know for Wild Wizards

The game offers five reels to play on, with three symbols stopping in view per reel per spin. You can probably guess what the wild symbol is thanks to the title – yep, it’s a wizard. He cannot magic a progressive jackpot into view though, which is a shame.

There are two icons the wizard won’t magically replace whenever he appears, although everything else is fine. Both symbols are scatters. The owl produces scatter prizes for three or more in any positions, while the white cat scatter (also shown with a book of spells) has scatter prizes and an additional feature.

Payline quantity

There are 25 paylines in play in this Saucify slot game.

Place your bets

The coins range from one cent to just 10 cents. Seems low, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, as you can play up to 10 of your coins on each of the activate paylines. If you covered the lot, a 25-cent bet would be the cheapest one, with $25 as the highest.

Reading the paytable

We advise you do this prior to doing anything else. It reveals what the three special icons look like and tells you more about how they work. You can also see the other high- and low-paying icons on the reels, with the regular selection of letters covering the lower-paying ones.

Can you magic a bonus round into play?

No, as there isn’t one in this game.

What about playing some free spins?

The key to finding some free games to try is to locate three white cat and spell book scatter symbols. These can appear anywhere, with three bringing you 10 free games. There are better riches for those finding four or five of these scatters, as you’d get 15 or 20 freebies in those cases.

Regardless of the number of spins you receive, the same trigger can give you more during the game. Every prize secured during those freebies receives a 3x boost as well.

No RTP value in sight

Most companies do provide the RTP for their games, but it doesn’t seem to be the case with Saucify (or BetOnSoft, if you prefer).

Evaluating the Wild Wizards slot

We’re going to give this slot game 7 out of 10 points, owing to the pleasant theme and the nice scatters in action – one of which unlocks those free games. Would you agree with that or do you think it should be rated more highly?

No progressive means no winning news

We couldn’t find any news relating to a big prize for this game, anyway. It’s possible someone could snag a big prize with the maximum bet, but it may not suit many budgets.

Play just for entertainment

Wild Wizards is a great game to try even if all you are looking for is some entertainment. If so, the slot game is appealing enough to pass the time – or of course to try in advance of deciding whether to play the real thing.

And if you do want to try playing for real…

Try the demo first, then consider an affordable budget before choosing your spin bet. Remember you can never guarantee any prizes, so play with cash you could afford to let go of if things didn’t work out for you.

Trying the mobile version of the Wild Wizards slot

You can do this quite easily, as the controls for mobile games are simple to use. It’s all about swiping and tapping on your iOS or Android device, whether it is a tablet or a smartphone. Most casinos should be able to provide access to this game on mobile if they offer Saucify (BetOnSoft) slots.