Rising Royals Slots

The mention of royals in the title of this slot game tells us we can expect them to appear. These are not modern-day royals though – instead, we see royals in classic garb from centuries gone by. With three characters strutting their stuff underneath the gold-lettered game title, the Rising Royals slot game is ready to impress. But does it manage to do that?

Who is the game developer?

The game was created by Microgaming with help from Just for the Win.

Should we expect a demo version to try first?

Yes, and this would be the best way to see what is on offer.

Expect a regal theme too

We figured this out from the title alone, but the game supports it.

Rich in design details

The backdrop to the reels (ones you can see through) is a palace – a grand one, too. Fit for royalty, you might say. The game has standard letters in use for the smaller prizes, but these look regal as well. Various members of royalty appear on the reels during play, and the detail is good for each of these as well.

What do we know about the Rising Royals slot game?

There are five reels, as we can see when the game has loaded. There are three icons appearing on each one when the reels stop. This game does not offer the chance to go for a progressive jackpot, so only the prizes shown in the paytable are related to the game.

There are no wilds or scatters in this game, but don’t let that persuade you this is a basic game. It is nothing of the sort, as you are about to discover.

How many paylines are in the game?

You’ve got 20 to place your wagers on.

Are there lots of bets to consider?

Yes, which means most players should find a wager they are happy with. The cheapest end of the scale sees you use a wager of just 10 cents, while the other end of the scale goes as high as $250.

Make sure you review the paytable prior to getting started

The main elements of the game are explained here, giving you information that you’ll need to know before you start.

Is there a bonus feature?

Yes, and it is triggered whenever you manage to scoop a prize based on the higher-valued icons in the game. This unlocks the Symbol Lock Re-Spin. It means the winning icons you just found become locked. Everything else spins for a free re-spin. Another identical symbol would lock as well, and another re-spin would be granted.

If this occurs, you’ll see a light flash onto the Upgrade Meter in the game. The idea is to light up the entire meter, which would upgrade all the locked symbols on the reels, changing them into the next symbol up in value. You then get another re-spin, with the idea to try and add to the matching symbols once again. This carries on until you have a losing re-spin, where no more matching icons appear. Only then are prizes calculated according to what has appeared on the screen up to that moment. Sounds confusing? It’s not – not once you have played it a couple of times.

No other free spins are given

The game is based on the re-spins and the chance for upgrades, hence the Rising Royals title.

RTP value for the Rising Royals slot game

This game is based on an RTP of 96.01%.

What is our rating?

We think this deserves 8 out of 10 because we cannot think of another game that is anything like it. It looks appealing and provides something different to try.

How could you get some of the biggest prizes in the game?

Clearly, the best way to get the most out of this game is to trigger the Symbol Lock Re-spin and to move through the Symbol Upgrade Meter. If you can go through the entire process, with lots of upgraded and matched symbols on the reels, there is a lot of potential to secure several good prizes in the final spin.

Play for entertainment only

The demo version of Rising Royals is ideal for working out exactly how these unusual features pan out. It’s then up to you whether to appreciate the demo only, or whether you would prefer moving on to the real thing.

If you do want to play for real, where can you do it?

A good online casino offering other Microgaming slots should have this one in its collection as well.

Mobile options are also available

Rising Royals can be played on smartphones and tablets based on the Android and iOS platforms.