Casper Games Casino


We've stumbled across a spooky casino to review for you here, so let's dare to step further ahead to find out what it might be hiding. This is Casper Games Casino, a casino that uses a dark and spooky theme to draw you in. But what does it do - and what can it offer - after that point?

Our pick of Casper Games Casino's best slots to play

Featured slots arrive on the homepage, just below the darkened wall and gates that surely lead to a graveyard. Some of the slots are far brighter than you'd think though.

Take your chance with the Bonanza slot game

This mining delight is a great one to spin into action. Famous for its features and plentiful gems, it is a favorite among many players. Will you be the next person to become captivated by what you might dig up?


There is really no other way to describe the sight of three elephants coming toward you in the opening image this slot game uses to get your attention. It's another fine animal-themed slot, for sure.

It's time to play the original Rainbow Riches slot game

The presence of this game confirms that we also have some of the sequels to play at this casino. However, if you've yet to try any of the games in this series, begin with this original title today.

Are there any secret no deposit bonus codes in this graveyard?

The site certainly does insist on the dark and foreboding sight of some gravestones on the homepage. They lend themselves nicely to the theme, but what about digging up some no deposit bonuses there? We failed to find any, but we do know that some of these deals readily appear on other websites. Look below… you may just see a few of them there as well.

No free money bonus code required

Casper Games Casino does offer a welcome bonus in exchange for your first £10 deposit as a new member of the site. You can look for the Ghostly Chest on their landing page, and it doesn't seem that you need a code to open it. Once you've made that deposit, you'll get a chance to see what's inside. The best you can do would be to grab 500 free spins - yes, 500 - to play the Starburst slot.

Could there be a free chip inside the casket?

This casino uses caskets to link to various other parts of the website, including the promotions area. That is where you should look for some free chip opportunities. It seems far less likely that you'll see such offers there, but it is still worth checking just in case.

How can we find other bonus codes for Casper Games Casino?

We search for casino bonuses as part of running our websites. We maintain updated codes and coupons for all players who want to use them. So, if you read through the latest offers we have for you here, you might easily pick up a bonus for Casper Games.

Free play codes are most likely when you're new

We can see that the opening bonus involves depositing £10 and then opening the Ghostly Chest to see what's there. You might spot other chances to do something similar, of course, so you should always stay alert for such offers. However, new players are most likely to spot deals this tempting.

What about a bonus for depositing with a cryptocurrency?

Many players like to use Bitcoin, but it doesn't seem likely that we'll have a chance to do that at Casper Games Casino. They don't have this listed as a deposit method.

How can you deposit funds in your account at this casino?

Relax - they do welcome debit cards, and you can even deposit via your smartphone if you like. PayPal is mentioned too.