Hitman Slots

Hitman is a video game with several entries into the series. In the game, you are Agent 47, an assassin who travels the world taking out his targets. The game transformed into a stunning five-reel bonus slot that's filled with surprises. Here's what you need to know.

Agent 47 Pays Well

Payouts vary greatly. The most rewarding symbols are the three Agent 47 symbols. If he's facing away from you, he pays 2 to 1,500 coins. When he's sitting on his motorcycle, he pays as much as 2,000 coins. The sniper version pays 4 to 4,000 coins. There's also an Agent 47 who is holding two guns. He is an expanding wild and is only found on the second, third, and fourth reels.

On the lower end of the paytable are some of the weapons Agent 47 uses. They range in value from the garrote worth 4 to 75 coins to the gun that pays 12 to 250.

Bonus Features Pay Even More

Three symbols trigger special features. The 18 scatter triggers 18 free spins with a 2x multiplier. For this to happen, it must appear at least three times.

The Insignia scatter is found on the first, second, and third reel. If it appears on each reel, you pick one of the symbols and win a cash prize. You might win as much as 6,000 coins.

The computer bonus symbol triggers the Contract Bonus when it appears on the third, fourth, and fifth reels. In this bonus game, you pick a target. That target is worth a certain amount of cash. Next, pick your weapon. That weapon is your multiplier. The prize you won picking the target is multiplied by the multiplier. You win that amount of cash. The maximum is 270,000 coins.

Head to your favorite casino and look for this bonus slot. You can play online or on a mobile device. With a maximum prize of 270,000 coins, you can win a bundle. Imagine betting 10 cents and walking away with $27,000! Play Hitman slots and see if you'll be the next big winner.

Ready to Play?

There's a lot you can gain playing Hitman slots. Bets start at a penny per line, so you don't have to risk much. With three bonuses and incredibly generous prizes, you could walk away with thousands of dollars. Play today and see how much money Agent 47 can help you win.