Hot Air Slots

5 reels and 30 paylines in the bag and Microgaming software has released their new game: Hot Air Video Slots. With an unusual Hot Air Ballooning theme this game is vibrant and unpredictable, with a couple of unsuspecting features along the way, such as the multiplier round at the end of the bonus round.

Players can enjoy the simple controls and rules for game play once Hot Air Slots software from Microgaming has been downloaded. From there, it's clear audio quality crisp animated graphics that help to win prizes, with a jackpot of up to $8500! Play Hot Air Slots now !

Fire Up the Burner on Free-Spin #3:

Winnings during the bonus feature for Hot Air Video Slots are multiplied, and if you want to get the most out of a game then you should be employing a well thought out strategy to take advantage of this bonus. We recommend that during normal play you bet small for the first three spins (perhaps $0.01 or $0.05) followed by a larger bet (anything up to $15) on the fourth. Then, during the free spins you ramp this up, so that you're betting small for just two spins ($0.05 or $0.50) and then much larger on the third spin ($10 or $15).

Wild Pilots Make for Winning Combos:

In Hot Air Video Slots the Pilot symbol is wild. This symbol can act as any other, meaning that players can use the wild symbol to make up the winning combinations that they need.

Scatter symbols are the multicolored hot air balloons, which trigger the bonus feature when three or more are landed on the slot screen at any one time. These don't need to land in a row, but can appear anywhere on the screen, hence their name 'scatter symbol'.

Ascend, Descend, Spin, Win:

Like many slot games, the bonus feature is simply a round of 10 free spins when you land three hot air balloon (scatter) symbols at once. There's a difference with Hot Air Slots, however, as at the end of your free spins there's a 'multiplier', which gives the chance to win up to another 50 free spins. During all free spins the winnings are multiplied too, and this is when you should be making the most of your play strategy.

Where to get Hot Air Video Slot

Prospective players can fire up their winning streak with a free download of the Hot Air Video Slots software. From there, all that's needed is to create a member account and choose whether to play with a deposit, or free play money while you learn the ropes.