Hot Drop Jackpots

If you regularly play at online casinos, you'd be forgiven for assuming you've seen it all now. It feels as if it is becoming harder for game developers and casino operators to come up with anything new. And then, of course, they surprise us once again. Or should we say Bovada Casino surprises us, as they're behind the latest development that looks set to wow anyone who qualifies to play at their casino.

We're talking about Hot Drop Jackpots, and yes, they're just as thrilling as the name makes them sound. In this article, we're going to take you through these jackpots and find out why they're innovative, what you can expect to see, and why you'll want to play for them.

Hot Drop Jackpots: What should you expect?

Jackpots in plural… yes, there are three different jackpots involved in these games, so if you get involved, you stand a chance of winning one out of three separate jackpot amounts.

So far, they don't sound too innovative. However, the best part about these jackpots is that someone must win them before they reach a certain pre-determined state. This could be an expiry time or a value. So, for example, if you see a jackpot that must be won by 6pm, you know someone is going to win it before that time. If it must be won by the time it reaches, say, $10,000, you know it's up for grabs as it gets closer to that amount.

As with other jackpot slot games, you'll always be able to see the current amount available to be won by the reels of the relevant game. This means you can glance at it whenever you're playing, just to keep an eye on it and how it is progressing.

This area of the game can also tell you how long it might be before one of the jackpots go to a player. This might be based on a countdown to a specific time or to a specific value.

Hourly and Daily Hot Drop Jackpots

There are two kinds of time-limited jackpots at Bovada - hourly and daily jackpots. These are self-explanatory, as the jackpot for each must be won before the time is up, whether that means on the hour or before 24 hours are up.

The Super Hot Drop Jackpot

Rather than being based on a time limit, this jackpot works according to a value. This is designed to get plenty of attention too, because the ceiling value for this is a cool $250,000.

What does this mean? Well, it's tougher to see when this Hot Drop Jackpot might drop, although it could drop at any stage before it reaches that limit. However, the closer it gets, the more likely it is that it will drop soon.

For instance, let's say you begin playing a game featuring this jackpot and it is currently at $243,967. Since you know it is going to be won before it reaches $250,000, you can see how quickly the amount is ticking up as you play. If you time it right, you may get a better chance of snagging it. Of course, the odds against any one player receiving the jackpot are still going to be long. As the amount gets closer to being won, so more players are likely to get involved to try and win it. But it adds another thrilling layer to your gameplay, so it's great to see how this works.

Essential facts you should know before playing for Hot Drop Jackpots at Bovada Casino

In terms of the time-limited jackpots, they can only be won once during the period they're live for. For example, the hourly jackpot is available once per hour. Let's say it's available to be won from 1pm, and someone wins it at 1.10pm. This means they'll receive their prize, and the Hourly Jackpot shows as being locked, and it becomes available once more at 2pm. If someone wins it at 1.55pm, they'll get their prize, and the next Hourly Jackpot goes live at 2pm.

This doesn't apply to the Super Jackpot. Whenever someone gets this one, it immediately resets to the starting amount and the whole process begins again. So, aside from perhaps a few moments while this process occurs, you can always play for the Super Jackpot.

Three of the hottest slots at Bovada Casino get the Hot Drop Jackpots treatment

The Hot Drop Jackpots are a new addition to this casino, so it makes sense that they've added them to three of their hottest and most successful slots. We'll take a quick look at them below, but we think there could be more slots added to the mix in the future. Once players begin to realize how exciting these extra jackpots are to play for, we can only imagine that Bovada will want to give more of those slots the Hot Drop treatment.

A Night with Cleo

Strictly one for the adults, this, thanks to its gamble feature that involves Cleo losing some clothing if you guess correctly and it works out in your favor rather than hers! Other than that, it's a fine ancient Egyptian game with excellent graphics over five reels.

Golden Buffalo

Meet the mighty buffalo on the six reels - yes, six - included in this slot game. With four icons appearing on each reel, you've got a mighty 4,096 ways to spot prizes with each spin. The free spin feature is the highlight, with wild symbols able to drop big multipliers that work up to an amazing 3,125x.

777 Deluxe

Think of fruity slot games and you're likely to imagine three reels of action. Here, though, we have five reels filled with tasty melons and grapes among other things. The question mark icon can transform into other symbols, while there's a bonus round and a gold 777 to scoop the in-game jackpot.

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