Fruit Splash Slots

You could ask that question of any new slot, but this one has a few intriguing elements rolled into it. It also has a couple of clues tucked into the title, so maybe you can already guess what is involved if you want to give this one a try.

With a look and feel that match up to the title itself, Fruit Splash is already making a big splash at casinos online right now. Are you going to try it too? If so, read our full review of this slot game first.

Facts to be aware of about Fruit Splash

This is a game based around two very simple themes rolled into one. It is far from being the most complex game you will ever have played, yet it offers a pleasant experience. Will it be a new favorite? Let’s see.

And the slot game developer is…

Rival Gaming. That should give you some idea of how good this game is. It won’t suit every player because no game does. But this one is pleasant to play and we think it will appeal to those who like Rival games that aren’t too complex.

Can you enjoy some demo play?

You can. The demo works just like the regular version, except it comes loaded with demo credits. The idea is you use those as if you were making real wagers on the game. You’re not going to lose anything and of course you won’t nab any prizes either. However, it does give you a full view of what the game is like to play.

What about the theme here? Any surprises?

We guess the surprise – if there is one – is the way two themes are mixed into one. There are lots of fruit in the game, and these are set against a watery backdrop. Some of the low-value symbols float inside bubbles in the water, so that adds another appealing element to the game. There isn’t much detail to speak of in that background, but it is very calming to look at.

Game design features

Fruit are often a bit dull and predictable in slot games. Not so here though – they are beautifully drawn and have more detail than we’ve seen in lots of other games. The colors are just right too – not too harsh on the eye but far from dull.

Which slot game type do we have here?

If you’re thinking about a three-reel slot, you will be surprised to load it and see five reels in action. A starfruit is put to work as a wild, although it vanishes to reveal the actual word against a colorful backdrop of mixed fruit when it appears. This gives more interest to the game.

If you like to choose games based on the chance to grab a progressive jackpot though, this is not the one for you. Another reality is that the wild is the only important symbol in play here.

How many paylines are present?

None. Instead of using lines, Rival Gaming has decided to give us all the possible ways prizes could be won in the 5 x 3 format. That means there are 243 that are covered on every spin.

Betting options available to you

Coin values reach from just one penny to 25 cents. You will wager a set amount on each spin, so be sure you know what the total bet is according to the coin value you choose before you start. This is another reason why trying the demo first is a good idea.

The game features a small paytable

Fruit Splash doesn’t make a huge splash with its paytable, as it is quite small. You can access it by selecting the paytable link above the reels. The rules are simple and a quick glance at the pages of the table should suffice here.

Do you get a bonus round opportunity?

No, there is no such round to access in Fruit Splash.

Are there any free spins up for grabs?

No, so this slot is beginning to look very basic. However, the wild does trigger a feature you might benefit from. Watch out for what happens when something is won with the aid of one or more wilds. If this should occur, all triggering wilds remain in position. They will be sticky for the re-spin that will follow – a spin that causes no charge to you.

You might therefore get another prize from that spin. Conversely, you might end up with nothing at all, in which case the game continues with paid spins. If a prize is won with a wild in place, another re-spin would occur.

Is the game RTP known?

No, Rival has not released the return to player value for Fruit Splash just yet.

Our slot game rating for Fruit Splash

This is a nice game if you want to play something that is not too demanding. The re-spin feature can appear quite often and is arguably potentially easier to trigger than the free spins we see in lots of other games. If you get the chance to play Fruit Splash in demo mode, we suggest you do so to see what you think. You can see if it holds enough interest for you. We’re ranking this as a 7 out of 10 game.

Will we hear about any slot game winners?

This is unlikely as there isn’t a progressive jackpot that would grab any headlines. If someone did well and won a huge amount with a large bet in play, we might get news of it via one of the casinos.

Play for practice in the demo mode for the best introduction

No slot game is going to appeal to everyone. That’s why we recommend you try the Fruit Splash demo game to see what you think of it. It is easy to switch to the proper version with real bets if you like what you see.

How to play for real money

You must be a member of a casino offering Rival games for this to be possible. Once you’ve signed up (or signed in if you are already a member), deposit a suitable amount in your account, always bearing in mind a budget and how much you can afford. Never assume you will get any prizes. From there, just be sure you load the real version of the game and select your bets wisely.

Mobile play: Try Fruit Splash slots on Android or iOS today

Fruit Splash has been released for play on all platforms. That includes mobile play, which might be your preferred way to access this great new game.