Rival No Deposit Bonus Codes

Rival has some of the hottest slots. It's not surprising you want to enjoy them. Before you play, Rival no deposit bonus codes can help you play them without risk. Sign up with a Rival casino, claim your no deposit bonus, and play using free cash. When you're ready, you can then check for welcome bonuses and make a deposit.

We've compiled a list of the best no deposit codes you can use towards Rival slots like Alien Spinvasion and Ten Times Wins. Make sure you claim your free cash before you play these and other casino games. Here's the list.

$15 Free Chip on Sleighin' It
Max Amount: $15
Ends: January 6, 2024
$15 Free Chip on Stay Frosty
Max Amount: $15
Ends: January 6, 2024
$10 Free Chip
Bonus Code: SLEIGH10
Max Amount: $10
Ends: January 6, 2024
$15 Free Chip on Triple Cash or Crash
Bonus Code: NICEONE15- $15 Free Bonus
Max Amount: $15
Ends: December 13, 2023
$15 Free Chip on Merge Up
Bonus Code: MERGE15UP
Max Amount: $15
Cons: New players only
Ends: December 14, 2023
$15 Free Chip on Slots of Money
Max Amount: $15
Ends: December 9, 2023
$40 Free Chip
Bonus Code: BTC40FC
Max Amount: $40
Cons: Available after redeeming BTC250
$40 Free Chip
Bonus Code: BTC40
Max Amount: $40
Cons: Available after redeeming BTC275
$100 Welcome Free Chip
Bonus Code: JOIN100
Max Amount: $100
$110 Welcome Free Chip
Bonus Code: NEW110
Max Amount: $110
Cons: New players only

What can you expect from Rival Gaming welcome bonuses and packages?

You simply never know how good these deals are going to be. One thing you should know is that their welcome deals are among the best in the business. There are lots of online casinos either powered by Rival or featuring their slots collection. Either way, you could get some awesome deals and packages to look at.

Some bonuses might include a few free dollars as a bonus chip to get things underway. Others have percentage bonuses to top up your first deposit… and sometimes even subsequent deposits. Look out for both these deals. If you can get a free chip just for opening an account with a Rival casino, that must surely be one of the best ways to get things going, don't you think?

Is it easy to find bonus codes designed for existing players to use?

It is now you've landed on our site. We compile lists of the best current bonus codes for existing players alongside newcomers to Rival casinos. We know new players love getting a good deal for signing up to these casinos. However, we also know existing players sometimes feel left out. Where are all the codes for these players?

The answer is we've got the best ones for you right here. If you've already joined one or more Rival-powered casinos, check out our latest list of deals designed especially for you.

What should you expect from deposit bonuses?

A deposit bonus is usually given as a percentage of the amount you put in your account to start things off.

For example, it is usually worth at least 100% of that deposit amount. Some sites offer far more. We've seen deals offering 500% of your deposit in bonus cash. Another possibility is to see a percentage deal offered over more than the first deposit. Some sites offer three, four, or even five deposit deals over the relevant number of deposits. You can see there are numerous opportunities to boost your opening balance when you get the chance.

Do all Rival casinos offer no deposit bonuses?

Not all of them, no. Mind you, if you don't see one of these bonuses on the home page or promotions page of the casino, don't worry. Sometimes you'll see the deals elsewhere - such as right here on our site. Even if it doesn't look like there are any deals of this kind anywhere, you can certainly find them elsewhere - once you know where to look… and now you do.

How common are free spins bonuses?

These bonuses offer you the chance to enjoy some free spins on one or more games. If this is at a Rival casino, chances are the spins are for Rival slots. Sometimes, you'll get an opportunity to play some spins on a new Rival slot game that has just been released. This is a good way for the casinos to drum up support for a new game. It's also a nice way for you to try it with real bets you're not paying for yourself.

Why is it important to look for daily, weekly, and monthly offers?

You never know what kinds of promos are going to be available at a Rival-powered casino. One thing you should know is that they tend to be broken into three categories - daily, weekly, and monthly offers.

These are all self-explanatory, but they do give you good reason to visit your favorite Rival casino whenever you can. Maybe you'll find a good deal to claim every Monday - one that suits your mode of play. Perhaps there is a nice weekly deal available on the weekends that fits with the time you tend to play slots. Check out our deals here and make sure you always review the promotions area of any casino you visit before you do anything else. It's a great way to be sure you won't miss out on the best offers.

Switch to Bitcoin and you might get even more bonus codes to use

Are you using Bitcoin yet? Lots of casinos are giving players the chance to deposit and withdraw their funds in Bitcoin rather than using a real currency. This is a virtual currency and it works well in conjunction with an online casino. It also tends to trigger faster withdrawals and often no fees associated with them either.

Another perk of using Bitcoin is that some casinos give out bonus codes associated with the cryptocurrency. These are codes that give you something extra for depositing in this manner. For example, you might get a welcome bonus of 100% when you sign up to a casino. However, if you sign up and deposit with Bitcoin, the casino might offer an additional 10% on top of that deposit bonus. You get the idea - and it's one lots of Rival casinos are introducing. Not just in terms of the welcome bonus either, but sometimes giving you extra on top of the regular deposits you might make.

VIP membership brings more to the table

Would you like to become a very important person at a casino? Being a VIP brings with it lots of ways to get more from your membership. Comp points are the most common feature of these programs, but there are usually many more benefits involved too. Even with comp points, you can expect to earn more for each bet you make as you move through the various levels of the program.

There is usually a page devoted to the VIP program of any Rival casino you visit. Visit that page to get all the details and to see what might be in store for you if you visit that casino frequently.

Do all casinos offer loyalty programs?

Not all, no, but most Rival-powered casinos do. If this is something that is important to you, you can look out for such programs prior to signing up. A loyalty program is much like a VIP program. It may not always be identical; loyalty programs don't always feature different levels for instance. Some casinos offer both, with the VIP program only available to invited members while the loyalty program is open to all. Read up on the details and you'll see how they work.

Slot game bonuses deliver even more power to your slot game play

Bonuses relating to specific slots are common in Rival casinos. Oftentimes they relate to the newest releases, but they might also crop up for games a casino wants to promote.

A good example would be a slot bonus relating to a festive slot around December each year. This highlights how a slot game doesn't need to be new to attract attention. Lots of players enjoy Christmas-themed slots and they like to find slot bonuses relating to these games at the appropriate time.

Do these Rival casinos have any card and table game bonuses as well?

Yes - these are sometimes offered as alternative welcome bonuses for players who tend not to play slots. Sometimes you can grab this deal along with a deposit deal for slots as well.

You might also spot deals like this inside the promotions section at a Rival casino. This is always your best stop to head for before doing anything else. Remember too that we have some cool Rival bonuses and deals for you right here.

Bonuses for special days and holidays: Popping up throughout the year

We love Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and all kinds of other great times of the year. Summer vacations and changes in seasons are also favorite times of ours. We think Rival casinos also love these occasions, because they offer players a chance to enjoy lots of great deals whenever they are ready to take advantage of them.

They tend to connect these deals with seasonal slots, too. Rival has lots of these games in its armory - just check out the likes of Eggstravaganza, Misfit Toyland, Snow Wonder, Summer Ease, and Winter Wonders.

Can you secure any bonuses for using different banking methods?

Yes, this is something that can happen at various casinos. It's also something many players aren't aware of. It's a superb way of maximizing your bonus cash for any deposit you make.

A popular deposit bonus comes with Bitcoin, where you can get more for your money whenever you make a deposit. Other deals might be available for MasterCard and various e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller. Some codes are one-time only codes for your first deposit at a new casino. Others can be used whenever you deposit via that method.

Are you using your bonus codes the right way?

The way to use them is to copy and paste the code to make sure you get it right. If you don't, a typo could prevent you from claiming the deal you want. There is always a box or section in the signup or deposit form reserved for the code. Make sure you enter it correctly and it should work just fine.

Always read the bonus code terms before you use them

All bonuses have terms and conditions connected to them. You should always read these thoroughly, even if they're in small print. They tell you whether there are wagering requirements and whether the bonus itself can be withdrawn. Always know the deal before you claim it.

Things you should know about all limited time bonus offers at Rival casinos

Not all bonuses are available for the foreseeable future. Some are going to be time limited. That means you can only claim them for a certain period. That period may or may not be given on the site. Rival casinos don't always reveal the period - it may be there are certain quantities they can give away, and once those quantities are gone, the deal is withdrawn.

That means if you leave a deal and return later to claim it, it could be gone. Always be aware of this, although you shouldn't make a deposit to get a deal if you're not sure whether you are going to use a casino. The more you learn ahead of claiming, the better off you'll be.