Demi Gods Slots

Slot games from Spinomenal have a wild variety of titles, some of which entice you to find out more. Demi Gods is definitely one of those, as you are about to see.

This game is a little different from the ordinary thanks to a sixth reel you will find out more about in just a moment.

What number of reels and paylines should you expect?

This is a six-reel game with 25 paylines.

What could you bet on this game?

You can usually play any Spinomenal slot as a penny slot if you like. You also have the chance to play up to $10 per coin, but remember you have to multiply the coin bet by the number of lines in the game.

Does Demi Gods have any special-value symbols?

The sixth reel is the feature reel. There are seven separate features that can be unlocked if certain symbols display on the sixth reel. There is only space for one symbol to appear there. Depending on what appears, you could get a surprise wild, a multiplier, free spins or sticky wilds among others.

The best way to find out exactly what is in store is to check the help table – the pay table – so you can see what is on offer there.

Could you play a bonus level in this slot?

The bonus feature in this game is triggered by getting three green lizard eyes. They look rather alarming but you will be glad to see them if you have three or more!

There is no information on the bonus round or what it might entail; this isn’t as unusual as you might think though. Sometimes the pay table will reveal more about a bonus round, but at other times the software creator will leave you to discover more when you actually unlock that feature.

Download and play Demi Gods online now!

This is a sensational game that is made all the more unusual by triggering those winning features on the sixth reel. This reel is independent of the main game in many ways, but what you see there could change the behavior of whatever you get in the main game, so they are linked.

Anyhow, why not try Demi Gods in demo mode first, and then you can see how well the game works? You could end up with a great array of prizes if you strike it lucky!